Tue. Jan 21st, 2020

World Academy of Informatics and Management Sciences : Research, innovation and skill development are parameters for the enlargement of prosperity, global competitiveness, and knowledge-based economy. World Academy Of Informatics And Management Science has been established by eminent professional to build up pioneering innovations and achieve international-level skill development for all sectors of Indian diligence and society. Success and endurance of industry and organization rely on innovations that have novelty, invention and creativity. Innovation is the practice of making new products, structure, or things. It also covers the method of modifying existing product, structure, or things. It is significant to identify that innovation entails action, not just visualizing of new ideas.

WAIMS is intended to produce an environment with modern facilities and expertise to expand and carry pioneer innovations, and then shifting to subsequent levels such as Intellectual property right, transfer of knowledge and technology, business incubation, and commercialization. For that reason, it is imperative to have an outstanding skill development program that will concentrate on conquering challenge of imparting the skills which is requisite for an increasing economy and developing society.