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a comprehensive review of the literature is important because it: provides an up-to-date understanding of the subject and its significance to (your) practice; identifies the methods used in previous research on the topic; ... provides comparisons for your own research findings.

Seed of WAIMS

The Seed of WAIMS ( World Academy of Informatics and Management Sciences) being rooted in the Month of Colors, 2012 in the views to provide a platform to young researchers and Intellectuals leaders who are betrothed for the betterment of globe through intellectuals knowledge, Skills , Expertise and Experience and likely to devote their work for the society and benefiting through further endeavors. WAIMS publish Research, Review, Innovation and developmental work scientifically and strategically. WAIMS is Promoting scholarly work online, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, bimonthly, and fully refereed International journal focusing on theories, methods and applications in informatics, management science and allied discipline. WAIMS is international scientific media House that aims to contribute to the constant scientific Research, Innovation, Development and consultancy services through our dedicated Consultancy Teams.


WAIMS is intended to produce an environment with modern facilities and expertise to expand and carry pioneer innovations, and then shifting to subsequent levels such as Intellectual property right, transfer of knowledge and technology, business incubation, and commercialization. For that reason, it is imperative to have an outstanding skill development program that will concentrate on conquering challenge of imparting the skills which is requisite for an increasing economy and developing society.

Intellectual society also requires professional training and expertise improvement to face existing demand of educational institutions, trade and business. Guiding trainers and teachers to deliver professional and spirited skill and knowledge to students is an essential area of necessities in the present scenario. WAIMS aspire to execute the rising requirement in India for research, innovation and development across world and narrow the existing knowledge gap by these important measures


Intended to become a foremost research organization for the endorsement of Scientific and individual Values by inventive initiative and integrative means of knowledge and formulation of research and its applicability for the benefit of Society and ethical leadership.
Prop up research, scholarly, and creative activities that add value to the conception of new knowledge of specialized areas as well as at the edge of miscellaneous disciplines and developing research and Innovating Teaching programs to deal with the most burning issues of the Global community.


Devoting to the growth, organization, extension, distribution, and application of knowledge through range of awareness programs.
Committing to excellence in research, innovation and development, scholarship, and tune-up to enlarge the extent of human skill, for the benefits of global community.

Our History