WAIMS Foundation seeks to encourage strong-willed inquest and systematic investigation that will add to the knowledge base of the researcher. , WAIMS explore on research may focus on entity, community, or societal issues and should be approachable to existing theoretical perspectives and ecological conditions driving change in innovative learning and education. WAIMS explore is governed by ethical consideration for research participants and society as a whole and seek to notify and advance both policy and practice. It is developed to outline research direction and bring together researchers and practitioners with the an objective of improving research, innovation and learning. In support of this work, the WAIMS explore has been charged with soliciting research proposals that encourage practitionr–researcher collaboration. Therefore we are calling research proposal / research paper / review paper /technical paper from post graduate / doctorate / post doctorate contender , candidate is need to register with us by filling the registration form . Shortlisted and recommended proposal/paper may be published and certificate and grant shall be approved on approval of our council and boards.