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Prof. Dr. Ripu Ranjan Sinha

Prof. (Dr.) Ripu Ranjan Sinha|
International Educationalist
Professor  & Researcher – Informatics and Management Sciences
Innovative Leader, Development Consultant, UNSDG Supporter and promoter

Rich in versatility, Prof. (Dr.) Ripu Ranjan Sinha is born on 1 July 1979 in the yoga and industrial city of Jamalpur, Bihar. He received his initial and secondary education from Bihar and got higher education in the field of computer science, Informatics and Software Technology.

he awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science in 2013 due to his Research MULTI KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT PHILOSOPHY UP FOR SOFTWARE ENGINEERING.

Dr. Sinha is a leading educationist, innovator, philosopher and founder of many institutions in India. He has contributed a lot in developing India. His Red Green Movement, which he has called for Innovation, Development, Peace, and Sustainability in and around India, Red Green Movement has been highly appreciated by the society and Young Generation who is intended to see India as a developed nation.

Dr. Sinha founded the World Academy of Informatics and Management Sciences to assist and nurture faculty, students and disciplinaries working in the field of Informatics and Management Sciences Globally. Through this platform, he/she can Publish Manuscript, contribute and Support talent and skills in the development of the world in the respective domains.

Dr. Sinha established Innovation Society, India for  Young Innovative Indian Youth who are intended to see India as a developed nation with the moto to support Innovate India, Develop India, Sustain India, one India  Shrestha India with the help of distinguished academics, industrialists and renowned corporate associates. Through this platform Society conducting a lot of innovative programs organized and organizing for the People of India and Young, Innovators Participation is increasing day by day. Society Innovative Program includes Innovation Book of Record, I-Next Reality Show, R.A.C.E E India e.t.c.

Dr. Sinha is highly inspired by the ideology of KOFI A ANNAN, legendary hero & former Secretory General, United Nation.

Paying tribute to KOFI A ANNAN on his birthday 08th April 2019  Dr. Sinha dedicated “ENDEAVOR” and Annual International Account and Finance Magazine publishing by world academy of informatics and management Sciences which is the record of Best Practice in Account and Finance Globally.

He Established Council for Sustainable Peace and Development and ADCO™ (Asia Africa Development Council) with his friend Dr. Ashish Chandra Swami in line to promote goals of  Sustainable Development Index by NITI Aayog  India @75, United Nation Sustainable Development Agenda-2030 and African Union Agenda 2063 and to promote bilateral relations and support the ideology of Eak World Shrestha World, balance economy, Creating, Accrediting, selecting, honor global talent, Global Organization who is working for the development of human and Humanities.

Dr. Sinha also organized a number of national and international conferences, seminar and Symposia to identify Knowledge Glitches in People, Process and Practices.

In the same line, he formed International Association of Sports and ICT (IASI) under Council for Sustainable Peace and Development to support the mission and objective of our dynamic and visionary Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi Ji i.e fit India movement, Healthy India,  Health and Well Being of UNSDG-2030 goal 03. IASI  is promoting Global Digisports, Global Digisports Academy, Global Digisports Products and Services for the support of Digital India Movement in Sports Domain Globally with the help of Dr. D. Shanmuganathan Member Secretory-IASI and other Team Members and office-bearers.

 Dr. Sinha also established the International Center for Responsible Investment under CSPD, which provides training, certificate, and award of Responsible Investment at the national and international levels.

Dr. Sinha also established the India Africa Knowledge Consortium to the boost up the marketplace and Bi-lateral relationship with African and India countries people to networking, information exchange, trade promotion, import and export, Scholar Training and Certification with national and international programs.

The works done by Sinha were highly appreciated by Prof. James Vani IGGA, Vice President, Republic of South Sudan. Prof. James Vani IGGA in his national gadget accepted  Proposal of South Sudan Holistic Development 2030 and Appointed him as Development Consultant of the republic of south Sudan.

on the directive of Prof. James Vani IGGA, Dr. Sinha prepared the South Sudan Holistic Development Plan 2030 for the entire development of South Sudan under this Prof. James Vani IGGA released and Inaugurated  the South Sudan Green and Industrial Revolution 2030 during the International Law and Business Summit at Lucknow City on 13th June 2019 at Hotel Renaissance in Presence of Indian and South Sudan Delegation Team.

Prof. James Vani IGGA requested Prof Sinha to attract global investors for the development of South Sudan under the South Sudan Green and Industrial Revolution 2030. So, that south Sudan could join itself in the list of the developed nations. Dr. Sinha assured Prof. James Wani Igga and set a target to attract investors the US $230 billion (Approx.) by 2030 from a global investor for South Sudan’s Holistic Development Agenda Due to which South Sudan can involve itself in a developed nation.

With the help of Jhon Yatta Cosmos Lakun, Dr. Anwar Shaikh, Prof. Rakesh Mittal, Prof. Dr. Gen. James Wani IGGA, Dr. Sinha has set a goal of establishing the Juba Metropolitan University, in which 15,000 students will be Learn and do research for various program on Multi-disciplinary subjects like arts, science, commerce, Technology, management and pharmacy at Under Graduate, Post Graduate, Doctorate and Post Doctorate across South Sudan as well as for all Neighboring Countries of the Holly river The Nile and Rest of the World. University shall work for the research on Policy Planning and Development for South Sudan as Nodal office and Run The Nile Diplomat (In Investment Magazine) for the record and opportunities of South Sudan and the rest Of Countries.

Dr. Sinha contributed to various universities/Colleges and also remained his Key position. Dr. Sinha has published more than 50 books/manuscripts in the field of Computer, Informatics and management Sciences, Technology Development and Transfer, Innovation Quotient, Development, Electrical Engg, Electronics and Communication which is being appreciated in the international arena.

Dr. Sinha is an innovative man from India combining a wealth of versatility and vision, who has spent his life in developing people. Dr. Sinha’s dream is that India should proudly stand in the queue of developed nations up to 2030 and India will rise as a world leader in Peace, Development, Innovation, Culture, trade, etc.

Dr. Sinha inviting global leaders, Industrialist, Corporate, Academic Venture from industries, corporate, an academy for the nation and international quadruple development for the execution of Various Projects and Initiation to make successful of  United Nation Sustainable development agenda 2030 and African Union Agenda 2063 and NITI AAYOG SDG Index INDIA @75 as per vision and plan.

Individuals and Corporate may connect to Prof. Sinha at office@ripuranjsinha.in or drsinhacs@gmail.com or WhatsApp No: +91-960-2570-498.

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