Akurdi (WAIMS Times) , Sustainable development is Means of development without harm to people, process and practices, views expressed by  Prof. Ripu Ranjan Sinha , Director General, Asia Africa development council under the agies of Council for Sustainable Peace and development, during 6th  Asia Africa Development Summit at hotel orchid Pune, India.

He further expressed Council is providing international platform for global promotion of Innovation, Sustainable Development, Peace and Prosperity with “Eak World Shreshth World” policy. He also mentioned the importance of Information Technology for information dissemination and dellibration in making world better place to live for our forthcoming generations. He emphasized that Peace is the only way to bring Sustainable Development among societies and urged to global leaders to promote “PEACE AND PROSPORITY” in line with UNSDG 2030/ADA-2063/UDA-2040 AND INDIA@75 Leads to India@2047.

Prof. Sinha stated that today knowledge of one subject is not enough. That’s why it has become necessary to have knowledge of different branches. If we have knowledge of many subjects then we can easily solve social problems like natural disaster management, medicine, water management.

Under the new Indian education policy, through the Educational Credit Bank, students can acquire knowledge of many subjects at the same time and can complete their education by taking subjects in different subjects and branches. Therefore, students will be able to complete their education professionally without taking traditional education, this will provide employment opportunities, he said in the end.

While building infrastructure that is being prepared to make human life comfortable, we all should take care that nature should not be harmed as stated by Dr. Karbhari Kale, Vice Chancellor of Savitribai Phule Pune University. He was guest of honor of the event.

Dr. Kale speaking at the inauguration of a two-day International Summit “6th Asia-Africa Development Summit” organized at Balewadi in association with Dr. DY Patil Institute of Management Studies and Dr. He DY Patil Institute of MCA & Management from Akurdi on 1-2 Dec 2022.

On this occasion Dr. Ashish Chandra Swami, Director-CSPD, Dr. Ashish Kumar Panda, Member, NITI Aayog, John Yatta Cosmos Lokun, CEO Juba World of South Sudan, Dr. Parag Kalkar, Founder, Department of Management, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Tutu Stephen Yusef, CEO- NUZO Group of companies South Sudan, Executive Director,(Wing Commander) Dr. PVC Patil, Akurdi DY Patil Institute, Department of Management Studies. Rear Admiral (Retd) Amit Vikram, Director,  DY Patil Educational Complex of DYPIMS, DYPIM S, Director Operations Dr. Bharat Chavan, DR Karanure, Director (Corporate Relations) Dr. JG Patil, Director of DYPIMS. Dr. Kuldeep Charak, Director and chairman of 6th Asia Africa Conference Summit and awards-2022, Dr. DY Patil Institute of MCA & Management. K Nirmala Adhishtha, Dr. Shalaka Parkar and other dignitaries were present.

During event, International speaker Mr. Tutu Stephen from South Sudan said that problem in relation with Peace and Sustainable Development is becoming serious at the global level. We need to solve them with the support of  youth and youth need to work together in the field of Medicine, Healthcare, Tourism, Banking and Technology. These problems can be solved by following the path of peace and adopting innovation and creativity.  For sustainable development, the whole human being has to create platform where more and more use of natural products is made to make our life more natural adoptive.

Guest of honor, John Yatta said that South Sudan is a country that is trying to develop in horizontally and vertically.

With the sustainable and certified investments and industrial network will boost the desired  development in the country. Our Leaders Prof. James Wani Igga is working hard in this areas and he requested to Indian prime minister Sri Narander Modi ji to Look forward for investment in Republic of South Sudan which we have full cooperation.

He further stated that Council already running project for the upliftment of South Sudan as Invest South Sudan under flagship of South Sudan Green and Industrial revolution 2030 which was launched by My boss Prof. Igga in June 2019 in lucknow.

During event, Dr Ashish K. Panda, Director Mission LiFE, NITI Aayog said that sustainable development can be achieved by saving water, saving energy and minimum use of plastic. When poverty, hunger and education are eradicated from the country, it can be said that Eternal development has taken place.

Panda also requested, Council to extend reaches and outreach activities of Government of India for necessary support the mission of Honorable Prime Minister to make India as Developed Nation.

Dr Ashish C Swami Director, Council presented view of council activities and initiatives towards achievement of UNSDG 2030. He further described about projects of Council namely India-Africa Knowledge Consortium, Invest South Sudan Projects International Institute Of Certified Responsible Investment, International Association Of Sports And Ict, International Institute Of Peace, Justice And Strong Institution, Ayushman Bhava Health Care project, Membership Drive, Fellowship activities, Red Green Movement for Scientific Temper promotion. Counicl is committed to honor and recognize institutions / corporates / individual through Affiliation, Certification, Accreditation, Fellowship, And Professional Excellence Process for the Sectors.

On the special demand of Chairman of the event Prof. K. S. Charak, Council enabled and inaugurated Post-Doctoral Center at DYPIMS to extend nationwide Post-Doctorate service and research in domain of Business, Trade, Knowledge, Skills in Innovation, creativity and sustainability in making synergies in scientific temper in India and rest of the world.

During event, more than 70 research papers, Technical Paper, concept note and white paper from India and abroad were presented. The program was conducted by Shruti Seth and the vote of thanks was given by Prof. Lalit.


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