Paper Id: Waims/501/101

Abstract: The key accomplishment for any organization in current focused world is to retain exceedingly talented performers-Owning talented employees. Each organization needs to possess best talent in the business. Talent management is an apparatus to retain IT employees and to improve the execution of the individual and organization. The retention rate is disturbing in Information innovation industry and it’s most elevated when contrast with some other industry. Retaining high fliers in the organization is the key test for each organization. This retention through talent management procedure has different elements. Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the parity of the rewards and benefits that are gotten by employees consequently for their execution at the working environment. Organizations by and large build up an EVP to give a predictable stage to employer brand correspondence and experience management. Attracting, employing and retaining people are the greatest difficulties for the talent management of the day. For this to happen it is just as vital to create value propositions for occupations to attract talent adequately. Employee value proposition implies making an equalization of rewards and acknowledgment consequently to an employee’s execution at work environment. It is a people focused methodology that is coordinated to existing employees and incorporated labor arranging techniques in light of the fact that it originates from existing employees themselves. It must be unique, one of a kind, convincing and strategically coordinated to a talent pool. The study depends on review of writing and handled wellspring of data in regards to the Talent Management and Employee Value Proposition.

Affiliation: 1PROF. AVINASH PAWAR, 2DR. KULDIP S. CHARAK 1Assistant Professor (MBA) University of Pune 2Director,Navsahyadri Institute of ManagementUniversity of Pune

Keyword: Talent, Talent Management, Retention of Talent, Employee Value Proposition



Abstract: Mutation Testing is a white-box, unit testing technique widely used for the software quality assurance. This technique although powerful, but is computationally expensive and this expense has barred mutation testing from becoming a popular software testing technique. However the recent engineering advancements have provided us with a number of ways for reducing the cost of mutation testing. There are a number of factors that are making mutation testing an expensive technique, one is high computational cost involved due to execution of large number of generated mutants, second being the huge amount of human effort involved for checking the output of mutant program with original one and for manually detecting the equivalent mutants. In this paper we have tried to closely analyze the available techniques for reducing the number of mutants so that we can come up with an efficient mutant reduction technique to reduce the high computational cost involved in mutation testing.

Affiliation: 1Jyoti Chaudhary, 2Dr. Mukesh Kumar 1Research Scholar, Department Of Computer Science & Engineering, UIET, MDU, Rohtak 2Associate Professor, Department of Computer Engineering, TIT&S, Bhiwani

Keyword: Unit testing, Mutation testing, Computational cost, Mutant reduction, Equivalent mutants



Abstract: In a competitive business world cost plays an important part in the profits. The Manufacturing companies should concentrate on cutting cost to improve profitability. Since the financial performance of a company is directly measured by Profitability of a firm, financial analysis is an important for every business organisation to enhance their performance, competitive strength, to reduce the cost and to access their financial stability and profitability of the firm. The firm can have high profits by increasing their sales and having economical cost of production or minimize the cost of production. The Indian Pharmaceutical industries are developing drastically. Hence, an attempt is made to identify several costs that influence the financial performance of the selected pharmaceutical industries by applying descriptive statistics i.e. mean, standard deviation, co-effficient of variation, minimum and maximum value

Affiliation: Dr.J.P.Kumar 1 & Mrs.S.Vimala 2 Director, Rathinam Institute of Management, Coimbatore 1 Research Scholar, Research and Development centre, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore 2

Keyword: Cost Components, Financial Performance, Pharmaceutical Industry



Abstract: recent decade, financial market has been marked by excessive volatility. As foreign exchange rate ,interest rates and commodity price to continue to experience sharp and unexpected movements, it has became interestingly important that corporations exposed to these risks , be equipped to manage them effectively. Price fluctuations make it hard for businesses to estimate their future cost and revenues .Derivative securities provide them a valuable set of tools for managing these risks .Risk management ,being used to control such price volatility has consequently risen to the top of financial agendas .At this place the derivative instruments are utmost utility. As instrument of risk management, these generally do not influence the fluctuations in the underlying asset prices. However, by locking asset prices, derivatives product minimizes the impact of fluctuations in asset prices on the profitability and cash flow of risk adverse investors

Affiliation: Priyanka, Vivekananda Global University Jaipur

Keyword: Keyword: financial market, derivatives, commodity prices, interest rate, foreign exchange rate

  Design of Automatic Tracking System For SolarLighting   (Waims/501/105)

Abstract: Solar tracking system is ideal for agriculture and related activities and are a great alternative toconventionally powered systems. They are highly reliable, low on maintenance and easy to install andoperate. They are also eco friendly and reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. As most farms andagricultural setups are established over large areas which are mostly inaccessible and remote, reliability ofthe system becomes critical. With the proven reliability of the solar water pumps farmers and owners can berest assured of an uninterrupted performance. With power supply at times not being consistent solarpowered pumps will provide continuous pumping throughout the day on most days. They have proven to bea great addition to a modern farm looking for a reliable system to ensure that one of the most importantelements “water for the plants” is at all times supplied.In our project we have used solar panels to charge a battery and from the battery we have used power forthe Pump. In this project we have used a tracking system along with light sensor.In normal tracking system timer is there and as per that timer, plates will turn. But in rainy season in whichthe sun turns more fastly and day become short, in such cases the plates will not able to absorb themaximum radiationSo with the use of light sensor the plate turns as per the light available to absorb max radiation

Affiliation: Swapnil B Lande1, Suraj M. Alage2, Harshad. S .Bawiskar3Department Of Mechanical Engineering,Savitribai phulepune University,India1Lecturer at Universal College of Engineering & Research, Pune,India,2Assistant Professor at Universal College of Engineering & Research,3Assistant Professor at Shree Ramchandra College of Engineering,

Keyword: Keywords— Solar Plate, Solar lamp, tracking system, LDR , microcontroller ,Stepper motor Inverter,Microcontroller, base plate, gear, shaft

5 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS – A Comprative Study in Industrial Prospective   (Waims/501/106)

Abstract: Intellectual property has increasingly assumed a vital role with the rapid pace of technological scientific and medical innovation that we are witnessing today. Moreover, changes in the global economic enviorment have influenced the development of business model where intellectual property is a central element establishing value and potential growth. Intellectual property refers to the creation of human mind, labor capital and intellect. Strong intellectual property rights help consumers make an educated choice about the safty , reliability and effectiveness of their purchase and also ensures that products are authentic. In India several new legislations for the protection of Intellectual property have been passed to meet the international obligations .Intellectual property have therefore grown into world’s biggest and fastest growing field of law thereby necessitating the demand for ip professional well versed in this area to deal with across the national and international trade

Affiliation: Tripti,vidyasthali law college , University of Rajasthan

Keyword: intellectual property, intellectual property right ,trade


Abstract: The speed of business dynamics demands the business organizations not only ti revamp their internal business strategies the effective market expansion ,increased customer area product diversification and innovation etc, but also expects the corporate to devise inorganic business strategies like merger ,takeover etc that result in faster pace of growth effective utilization of resources fulfillment of increasing expectations of stakeholders .These restructuring strategies work positively for the business both during the time of business prosperity and recession.In this paper we study the concept of corporate restructuring, available tools historical background and emerging trend in restructuring strategies

Affiliation: Tripti Ranjan, Student Institute of Company Secreatary of India

Keyword: corporate structure, organic and inorganic business, restructuring tools

6 Swarm Intelligence for Knowledge Management in Self-Learning Environment (SIKMSLE)


Abstract: In this thesis using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) was proposed as a mechanism to improve the performance of Knowledge Management system. Knowledge Management problems have a huge number of local optima, particularly in high dimensional search space. This paper focuses on Swarm technology using Particle Swarm Optimization. The properties of parallel computation and self-adaptation enable SLs and self learning to be an ideal tool for solving Knowledge Management problems, especially for complicated problems. The PSO using artificial neural network is an adaptive system that changes its structure during a learning phase. Neural networks are used to model complex relationships between inputs and outputs or to find patterns in data.The major aim is to develop effective approaches for global knowledge management optimization problems in both static and dynamic environments. The ideas will be implemented based on the SI algorithm.

Affiliation: Suman Nokhwal,Sohit Agarwal ,Research scholar,Associate professor ,SGVU Jaipur sumannokhwal26@gmail.com, sohit.agarwal@mygyanvihar.com

Keyword: Knowledge Management system, Self learning, neural network, Particle swarm optimization

7 An Efficient Artificial intelligence for knowledge management using Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) algorithm and Genetic Algorithm (GA)


Abstract: In Artificial bee colony, there are 3 types of bees: Employed, Onlooker and Scout. Employed foragers, they are associated with a particular food source which they are currently exploiting or are “employed” at. They carry with them information about this particular source, its distance and direction from the nest, the profitability of the source and share this information with a certain probability. Unemployed foragers, they are continually at look out for a food source to exploit. GA is AI methodology that is inspired by the evolution theory of Darwin. Initially, Holland developed a methodology for GA that consists of a sequence of steps which are followed to move from one generation to another. In this research paper we solve problem for travelling sales man and we have extend the travelling salesman problem through genetic algorithm and ABC. Artificial bee colony algorithm gives the solution of cheap cost and best quality and Genetic algorithm gives fittest value for problem through crossover and mutation.

Affiliation: Tanuja Rajput,Navin Goyal Research scholar,Associate professor SGVU Jaipur tanujarajput16@gmail.com, navingoyal11979@gmail.com

Keyword: Artificial Bee Colony,Genetic Algorithm, Travelling Salesman Problem, Optimization

8 Development of a response surface model through the coating of aisi 304 stainless steel on the mild steel plate through the MIG welding with different parameter


Abstract: Modern era industrial products which have been providing the success of mankind, receive their development and reliable effective performance in welding, which is now becoming the universally. Gas metal arc welding (GMAW) cladding is widely used in its automatic mode to attain the good quality stainless steel cladding. Industrial work there are 45 to 60% of work is carry out through welding process. MIG (Metal Inert Gas) Welding also known as MAG (metal Active Gas) welding and in the USA as GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding) is a Welding process used a variety of materials Ferrous and Non- Ferrous.As it is helpful for the corrosion resistance so it can be used for coating the material like Inconel. Thus, we can also implement MIG welding on different combination of base metals and wire electrodes. We can also change the diameter of wire electrode to obtain best bead width. We can also check the effect of these welding parameters for the dilution, penetration, height.

Affiliation: Md Mojahid Alam, Sankalp Kulshreshta Research Scholar, Assistant Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering Suresh Gyan Vihar University

Keyword: GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding), MIG, Metal surfacing

9 Analysis and development of new face recognition system for person authentication


Abstract: In this research a new approach for face recognition is proposed. The algorithm proposed in this research is a combination of linear regression and principal component analysis. The proposed LR+PCA approach provides remarkable increase in recognition rate. The method first uses eigenvalues for evaluating the regression coefficients and uses PCA for feature extraction. In this way this combined approach helps in achieving high recognition rate with different faces having different expressions and pose.In this we have also presented a comparative study of our algorithm with the previous approaches. All the experiments are performed on the ORL database which is available on the internet for free usage.Experiments are performed on 400 images of 40 different persons. The study also improved our understanding of the significance of PCA and LR face recognition. This approach can be widely used for pattern recognition. This combined approach can be widely used for iris recognition, ear recognition etc. In future one can use Face Alignment approach for feature extraction by taking huge number of database for more accurate results. Face Alignment is also a very good technique for extraction of facial features.

Affiliation: Himang Joshi ,Anita Chopra ,Research Scholar, Assistant Professor ,Department of Electronics

and Communication ,Suresh Gyan Vihar University

Keyword: Biometric ,Face, security , handwriting

10 Automated License Plate Recognition Using Boundary Value Detection


Abstract: Today in the developed countries more than 90% work is done by automated system and this is due to the accuracy, reliability and versatile nature. It is used in developed big factories, nuclear plants, communication centres. To add the further mile for this step we have presented an automated number plate recognition using automatic image analysis. Basically video surveillance system is used for security purpose as well as monitoring systems. But Detection of moving object is a challenging part of video surveillance. Video surveillance system is used for Home security, Military applications, Banking /ATM security, Traffic monitoring etc. Now a day’s due to decreasing costs of high quality video surveillance systems, human activity detection and tracking has become increasingly in practical. Accordingly, automated systems have been designed for numerous detection tasks, but the task of detecting illegally parked vehicles has been left largely to the human operators of surveillance systems. The detection of Indian vehicles by Their number plates is the most interesting and challenging research topic from past few years. It is observed that the number plates of vehicles are in different shape and size and also have Different color in various countries. This work proposes a method for the detection and identification of vehicle number plate that will help in the detection of number plates of authorized and unauthorized vehicles. This paper presents an approach based on simple but efficient morphological operation and edge detection method. This approach is simplified to segmented all the letters and numbers used in the number plate by using bounding box method. After segmentation of numbers and characters present on number plate, template matching approach is used to recognition of numbers and characters. The concentrate is given to locate the number plate region properly to segment all the number and letters to identify each number separately.

Affiliation: Abhijeet Kumar Roy ,Vipin Kumar Gupta Research Scholar , Associate professor Department of Electronic and communication Engineering Suresh Gyan Vihar University Jeet.yor@gmail.com, vipin.gupta@mygyanvihar.com

Keyword: ANN, Realtime Data, Licencee plate detection

11 Performance analysis of an efficient image segmentation algorithm for natural image


Abstract: Image segmentation is a technology which plays an important role in image processing. There are many applications where on synthesis of the objects or computer graphic images require precise segmentation. In this paper, we divide the color information of the image and edge extraction to get a basic idea about the introduction. From the palette of destination image detects edge information extraction, for information on the composition of the target image support. By combining these, the target image can be segmented correctly and can represent. The color information and edge extraction can use basic methods of image processing, and elsewhere, demonstrate what the textbook says, they can do their work not only in the works. We can remove most of the expected target

Affiliation: Ram Pratap Tak , Vipin Kumar Gupta Research Scholar, Associate professor Department of Electronic and communication Engineering Suresh Gyan Vihar University ramprataptak@gmail.com, vipin.gupta@mygyanvihar.com

Keyword: Image processing , Segmentation, neural network.

12 A new methodology for noise removing from image using discrete wavelet transform


Abstract: During image pre-processing, noise reduction is considered as one of the essential step hence considered as an active area of research in image processing. Various filtering techniques are available for removing the noise from the image with their own set of merits and demerits. But most of the previously developed algorithms are either limited to reduce only a specific type of noise or fails in preserving the fine structures of the images like edge, boundaries etc. because of which loss of information occurs within the images. So, this does not lead to an effective noise reduction mechanism. In this paper, an integrated approach is proposed that will make the system intelligent enough so that it will not only limited to reduce the noise effectively by preserving the fine structures but later on will also be able to classify the images by checking them for noise present in them.

Affiliation: Kunal Kishore, Vipin Kumar Gupta Research Scholar, Associate professor ,Department of Electronic and communication Engineering Suresh Gyan Vihar University , masterkunalkishore@gmail.com, vipin.gupta@mygyanvihar.com

Keyword: Image processing , Noise removal, DWT,



Abstract: This paper deals with application of Total Quality Management (TQM) in respect to library infrastructure, library services, library collection, library personnel, library users and awareness of TQM in a University Library. TQM is a management approach focused on user with quality based on the library functions and services aiming at long term success. The main aim is achieved through user satisfaction and benefits of all members of the institution and society. It is an approach adopted by the libraries to reduce the operating expenses by application of the principles of TQM.

Affiliation: Roshan Lal,Dalbir Singh Dept. of Library & Inf. Science, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur

Keyword: Total Quality Management (TQM), University Library, User



Abstract: ERP systems are considered to be the largest software applications adopted by most of the educational organizations along with some investments in their implementation. However, less research activities have been done regarding the ERP systems in a university environment. An increasing number of higher education institutions have introduced ERP systems in order to improve their operations and make them manageable and more transparent. ERP vendors are also aware of this fact, which is the reason they have already expanded their solutions in order to satisfy the needs of higher education institutions

Affiliation: Sonu Rani ,Dr Vijay Singh Rathore 1Research Scholar, CSE, Singhania University, Pacheri Bari, Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan, India, Professor-CSE, JECRC, Jaipur Engineering College & Research Center, Jaipur