To our Prospective Sponsors, Exhibitors and Participants:

In line with the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Buenos Aires Plan of Action for Developing Countries and the South-South Cooperation to promote Tourism and Business between Africa and Asia Continents.

The World Academy of Informatics and Management Sciences, Innovation Society of India, in partnership with the Public Opinion International, Uganda, the Computer Society of India, the Asia Africa Development Council ADCO and the Africa Asia Scholars Global Network (AASGON), will be organizing the 2018 Asia Africa Tourism and Business Summit and Expo will be held from 28th-29th September 2018 in New Delhi, national Capital of India.
With the Ministry of Tourism of India Expected to declare the Asia Africa Tourism and Business Summit and Expo open. Formal invitations to be sent to more than 200 heads of Investment authority in India as well as Minister in Charge of Investment in India and other 2000 business leaders from Asia and Africa. The summit will bring together CEOs from Asia and Africa involved in Tourism, Hotels, hospitality, transport, as well as banking, Communication, ICT, Importers and exporters, manufacturers, Industries are expected to take active part at the exclusive Summit, Awards and Expo, the first of its kind ever staged in history, as stated by the ADCO Governing Council through its Various Stakeholders/Organizers.

The forthcoming high-level International Summit and Award has unique and tremendous opportunities to offer in the provision of an enabling platform for the promotion and enhancement of this biggest tourism and business summit for Asia and Africa mainly in council approved countries. Top participating companies will get platform to showcase their products to potential buyers coming from across globe. An highlight of this ” Africa and Asia Business Meet & Expo” and official Launch of the ASIA AFRICA Travel & Tour Directory, Souvenir Publication and Exclusive Documentary on Travel, Tourism business opportunities in council Countries  and developing countries of the world.

We are inviting tour and travel associations, Business companies,hotels,banking and insurance companies, airport authorities, Government tourism bodies,Governemnt trade and investment agencies from Asia and Africa to register now.

This high-level International Summit and Award has unique and tremendous opportunities to offer by providing an excellent platform and exposure that will maximize benefits to top corporate sponsors, exhibitors and advertisers as well as participants.
For details of your participation and interest in corporate sponsorship or exhibition at the Summit/Award please contact us and we shall respond to your request within 48 hours.

Respectfully Yours,

Prof Ripu Ranjan Singa                                                   Luzindana ADAM Buyinza
Director General                                                               Executive Secretary
ADCO,ASIA                                                                        (Uganda, East Africa)


Prof. Ripu Ranjan Sinha – President & Organizing Chairman
Mr.Luzindana Adam Buyinza – Team Leader/CEO– Public Opinions Uganda
Abdul ‘Dewale Mohammed-Founder and Group Executive President,Africa Asia Scholars Global Network (AASGON)
Ashish Chandra Swami –Director Admin., ADCO
Mr. Sanjay Mohapatra-President Computer Society of India
Mrs Tripti – World Academy of Informatics and Management Science
Prof. A. K Khare– Chancellor-IEC University Lucknow
Prof C. S Lamba-Professor Manipal University Jaipur
Prof. A K Nayak – Hon Secretary Computer Society of India
Prof. Dr. Alexander Gelbukh,C Computing Research, CIC, National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico
Prof. YudongZhang,Ph.D. Professor, SComp. Science and Tech.,Nanjing Normal University China
Prof K.B. Sharma – S.S Jain Subodh PG  College Jaipur
Dr. Justin Varghese,King Khalid Univ.,KSA
Mr. Sushant Mysorekar-Convener & CEO Brain Rhyme
Dr. Ashutosh Mishra – Convener-The 2018 Asia Africa ICT Excellence Award
Professor Aftab Anwar Sheikh-National Convener India Africa ICT Summit,Expo& Award
Professor Haresh Tank – Founder Director-innovation Society India
Doha Tahri J. Hassani,  Director, Africa Asia Scholars Global Network (AASGON)
Mrs Nafisa yasmen-Founder Director-innovation Society India
Dr. Manish kumarsaini-Founder Director-innovation Society India
Mr Rahul Ranjan Roy-Editorial Member -Daily Post
Dr. Balwinder Raj-Founder Director-innovation Society India
Dr. BadiudinAhamad-Founder Director-innovation Society India
Dr. NityanandNayer-Founder Director-innovation Society India
Dr. Shashank R Mishra – Executive Director, Express Naukri

Deadline Fees
Asian Participants 30TH August 2018 350 USD
African Participants
Accommodation Accommodation can be arranged upon request on additional payment
Exhibition expo@waims.co.in
Name of Account World Academy of Informatics and Management Sciences
Account no  8472201000421
IFSC Code CNRB0008472

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Asia Africa Tourism And Business Summit And Expo
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