RENEWAL ENERGY AND UTILIZATION : The Centre of Excellence for Renewable Energy is established with an intention to fortify , demonstration and development efforts in all renewable energy technologies. WAIMS COE is devoted to speed up the deployment and gridiron amalgamation of renewable energy and low carbon generation technology through the utilization of Wind, Tidal Wave, Biomass, Hydro Power, Solar PV and Solar Thermal energy. As we stride into this new epoch, there are intense technological demand for ecology, energy saving, assets, and preservation of environment. Enlargement of technologies for substitute energy for the lessening of energy consumption is an embryonic issue. WAIMS COE grouped into several teams which have been directing all our contribution toward helping in development of clean energy systems. We are inviting any organization to collaborate with us. We anticipate WAIMS COE becomes a mechanism for our potential way on green energy development .Our mission is to establish a conductive and multi-disciplinary research environment within researchers and scientists by focusing on research and development (R&D), commercialization of marketable renewable energy technologies, and stipulation of solutions to society and tactical environmental issues.

(II) ITES : WAIMS centre of excellence for IT envisages an interdisciplinary loom and resources to enable the comprehension of thriving engineering systems. The Centre intends at facilitating and enabling necessary environment and facilities for all the key mechanism of system design Key constituent for realizing a booming engineering system are system modeling & simulation, understanding system dynamics, system optimization, virtual and physical experimentation.. The Centre is prepared to endow with milieu to research how to address and solve problems that rise above conventional precincts in engineering as modern engineering tribulations are comprised of rudiments from all the conventional engineering disciplines and these rudiments must be incorporated into an operation intact to congregate the overall objectives to provide facilities for experiential learning through system design, simulation and actual experimentation on physical systems to enhance the understanding of basic concepts in science, engineering and technology. WAIMS centre of excellence for IT has a mission to bring cutting edge conveniences for data acquisition, digital signal processing, real time controls systems and graphical simulation for research in multidisciplinary system design coupled with podium for industry-academia alliance on multidisciplinary research in system design. Centre is also in conversation with different industrial partner to have MOU and vigorous collaboration for communal advantage and augmentation of eminence of education and engineering research.

EDUCATION REFORMATION : Quality education is a right of every child and this is exactly the mission of WAIMS Center of excellence for education reform .WAIMS COE is established to pledge a quality education for every student. WAIMS COE provides modified, hands‐on aid to principals, teachers, parents and staff to facilitate them meet the exclusive requirements of their students. With a group of experts in a range of disciplines, COE helps schools design, develop and implement effectual and innovative practices. WAIMS COE teams are comprised of experienced educators with expert knowledge to assist leaders and teachers implement effective instructional practices and advance experiences and outcomes for all students COE believes that the school should be the midpoint and driving force of public education innovation and reform so it works directly with teachers, school leaders, and the community for Developing and supporting existing public schools | Creating, developing and supporting charters for schools | Training teachers and principals in effective educational practices| Implementing enhancement programs to boost academic skills and increase the social and cultural experiences of students | Networking schools to provide peer support, share best practices and pool resources

  • Providing widespread information services for parents and other interested members of the society

  • Reforming big public schools into smaller learning communities

  • Working on system wide adoption of effective school-based reforms and public education policies

KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT :This Centre is established to retort the mounting requirement for bringing technological attentiveness to business and industry and also for constructing expertise in managing and utilizing information and knowledge for attaining business excellence. The major sphere of proficiency of the Centre is in enterprise systems, business process management, e-government and business process and IT outsourcing. COE helps agencies capture, design, and efficiently put into practice organizational knowledge systems to make certain effective performance and reliable implementation of organization processes and programs. Our solution includes the content, collaboration, and technology tools to prop up effectual knowledge utilization as well as structuring efficient communities of practice across the organization, which increases the knowledge base and enhance steadiness of performance. COE teams contributes in

  • Bringing technological attentiveness to Indian business and industry.

  • Structuring expertise in administration and utilizing information and knowledge in order to achieve business excellence.

  • Contributing in the foremost proficiency sphere of influence like enterprise systems, business process management-e-government and business process and IT outsourcing.

  • Contributing towards implementation and usage of ERP systems

    SOCIAL AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP : Social entrepreneurs are folks with pioneering solutions to society’s most burning social tribulations. They are determined and unrelenting, handling foremost social issues and presenting new ideas for extensive range transform. The mission of the WAIMS COE is to encourage and make strong the capacity social entrepreneurial skills and mindsets of students with the help of change making activities and pragmatic learning opportunities. These skills comprise team-building, analytical problem-solving, leadership development and communication. WAIMS COE for Social Entrepreneurship brings together faculty, students and non-profit organizations to counter the multifaceted issues and upshot affirmative social change. All the way through student led projects, research, workshops and innovative program, the centre is stimulating the next generation of change makers to bring into play social entrepreneurial skills and mindsets to renovate their society. COE offers support in creation of new ventures by assisting in consulting services in evaluating opportunities, recognizing resource requirements, assisting in resource acquisitions and administration of new ventures.