Copyright Infringement policy

WAIMS maintains the highest academic and publication ethics. The reviewers and Editorial board members are vigilant against copyright infringement and plagiarism. In case of detection of any case of plagiarism the following action is taken:
Step 1: The editor verifies the claim of plagiarism and in case it is true, a committee of three members of the editorial board is set up to probe the case.
Step 2: The committee submits its report (usually within 2 weeks).
Step 3: In case plagiarism is established the following action is taken from our end:

  • Removal of the link to the plagiarized paper. However, the paper listing is not removed and a plagiarism alert is placed.
  • The author(s) are banned for life from publishing in WAIMS.
  • The case and the editorial committee probe is shared with other journals/ academic forums for their information In case anyone detects a plagiarized paper published in WAIMS please report the same to the editor at Please attach the original source(s) of plagiarism with your email.