App Development : The world dominated by technology and the ever increase in Nomophobia, which is basically addiction to Mobile phones; we have realized the true importance of a mobile responsive website. With so many users spending their hours on their cell phones it only makes sense to think about a native mobile app. Well you came to the right place, our specialized mobile application development team offers beautifully coded programming language experience to transform your favorite application on the iOS and Android platforms. We use the latest studio tools, activity components, material design, unit testing and a variety of software patterns to transform your dreams, your ideas into reality.
Android Services
Using GPS and Wifi for location services | Web-browser support and in app functions |Google maps with clustering
Advanced multimedia |Background services | Socket server programming | Using Cloud based SDK’s such as Amazon, Google or Oracle | Social media plugins like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIN | Bluetooth integrations for wearable technologies | Beacons support| Customised JSON parsing |XML based screen design

iOS Services
Native Development |In App Purchases|Flexible Layout for all apple devices| Push Notifications| Location services with real time tracking | iPad – universal binary | Audio and Video Streaming services like youtube / vimeo| Mobile commerce with a custom content management platform|Third party integrations | New protocols like ANT |Graphs like Xinobi Charts |Cloud services like AWS / Google or Oracle|Custom and web controls

Web Design: Web development has been in flavor since the starting of 1990’s and has been the primary way for any person or enterprise to express their appearance on the internet. We at WAIMS deliver beautifully crafted and well-designed websites that cater to your business or personal needs. We have realized that websites are the face of any enterprise that reflects your personality and the soul within the idea of your business. We have worked with big agencies and read through lines of branding guidelines to understand how best we can represent your brand. Being a technology aided agency, we have the best of both worlds in our portfolio and feel really proud to show it off. We deliver what we promise. Which is why we work hand in hand with our customers to design and develop websites to ensure we are fulfilling their needs. We work on devising a clear cut strategy based entirely on the requirements provided by the client to fulfill their objectives.

We do a variety of services under this category as :
Logo Design | Branding Guidelines | UI – User Interface  |UX – User Design| Prototypes| Email Marketing | Single Page websites – Landing pages | Magento Websites | WordPress Websites| Joomla Websites| Boonex powered Social Websites| Drupal Websites| Illustrations| Bespoke Print Graphics

E-MAIL Marketing : We are all guilty of receiving promotional emails, and not opening them. But Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways of reaching customers. We at WAIMS actually do it in such a manner that customers actually open them. Email Marketing is all about building a relationship with the customers, we want your products to stay on their mind. We not only help build a relationship, but if done right we build trust and loyalty with your customers. In this digital age many forget there are humans sitting on the opposite end of the screen and that is our core believe; to connect, understand and then sell. We will help you with each step of the way, from devising a strategy, building on clear cut objectives, template design, and the analysis of results. You see how we connected with you? We will be more than happy to help you out with whatever that is you need. Contact Us now and learn more about what we can do.

Google AdWords : With more than 80% of market share, Google sure has carved its name in every advertising agency. AdWords is an advertising service provided by Google which allows companies to create ads and target them to the right audience using the right target keywords. It follows the PPC model of advertising, basically you pay when people click on the ads. Simple enough? AdWords can also burn money really fast because of the lack of knowledge and expertise, with poor targeting keywords, poor PPC campaigns, can result in the waste of money. We at Apptology make all this real simple. Our team uses a simple approach where we focus on the constant optimization of your campaign obviously without burning a hole in your pocket, we use the right keywords targeted at the right audience to bring more traffic and conversions for your business.

Our simple yet effective approach includes:

  • Keyword research |Campaign set up| Creating ads| Budget management| Effective bid strategy  |Complete analysis of the campaign

Lead generation : Ever come across people who show interest in your products or services offered by you? Well, that is a lead. It is not always easy to turn that lead into a customer and does require one hell of a sales pitch. We at WAIMS are the wolves of this digital age. We work hard to find new customers through attractive and enticing ways.  The process of lead generation is through attraction. A customer would only be interested if he/she is attracted enough to fill out a form, enquire more. We will help provide the customer with relevant information suited to his/her needs and requirements. We have the knowledge and the expertise we just need to make them an offer they can’t refuse. Did we make you an offer you can’t refuse? Contact Us now and learn more what this pack of wolves can do for you.

Analytics and Reporting: Is there a point in spending money on creating websites and PPC campaigns but not knowing what and how’s? That is where we come in, at WAIMS we believe in tracking the sentiments of human beings. We will track your conversions, your clicks and provide reports to make sure that you’re in on what and the how’s.  We want you to help you understand the sentiments of your customers better which is why analytics and reporting is very important. We will deliver insights and monitor daily traffic to gauge on those who can be generated as a lead. The insights we provide will help you focus your budget on areas that will surely bring you more traffic and if done well- conversions.

To lay it out simply, we will help you with

  • Web analytics set up |Conversion tracking | Conversion optimization | Content performance
  • Campaign analysis and performance | Data visualization

Strategy and Consulting : Change is inevitable and for any business to stay on top adaptation is a must. We at WAIMS  function as full business partners offering our services to our clients. With our wide spectrum of services in Digital media and our technological capabilities we act as a catalyst to help carve a deeper niche in the already existing world. Our team will help in identifying issues, defining solutions and implementing these changes to create a more effective strategy for our clients to overcome their hurdles. What we want for our clients is feasible and successful sustainable growth.

Technical Consulting: Our world has changed a lot since the 90’s. Our world is on a constant shift of becoming more digitalised since yesterday. We provide our clients profitable advice and solutions aiding them with the latest tools and technologies to fulfil their goals. We help our clients align their business objectives parallel to our technological knowledge allowing them to advance further with seamless performance results.

Digital Consulting : With the widespread growth of digital media all over the world, it has become difficult for companies to maintain their stronghold. Our team aids clients by offering them strategic advice encompassing all aspects of the digital world. We will help you engage your clients with better technological advances by helping develop your needs using the latest tools and advancements. Our main aim is to help you make the best of this digital era and thrive in the ever changing digital climate.

Technology: We at WAIMS are your one stop for any technological solutions. We offer a wide variety of services that will engage your interests and help generate profitable business. We have in-depth knowledge and expertise in the design and development of Apps. We have developed Applications for our clients on native and hybrid platforms. Our team is well versed with demands of today’s world and the importance of a powerful website. From a start up to ecommerce websites with specialised check out experience.

To simply lay it out, we offer:

  • UI/UX best practices  |CMS custom Development|CRM custom development

Go to Market and Support: We at WAIMS provide our clients with a blue print that devises an action plan targeting on maximising and optimizing customer reach and achieving the objectives. We will help you through each roadblock with seamless navigation and provide plausible solutions when needed in all digital and technological spheres.

We offer:

  • New version upgrades | CMS Training| Content updates |Cloud hosting Enhancement on websites and mobile applications