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FIRST edition of ENDEAVOR 2019

April 8 is marked as the birthday of legendary leader and social diplomatic Kofi Annan who not only won Nobel peace prize but also millions of hearts by his great contribution to the society. Following his great words  “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family” and for paying tribute, the Board of Management and Executive President Prof. Ripu Ranjan Sinha, World academy of informatics and management sciences dedicated an Annual E-magazine ENDEAVOR in the golden memories of KOFI A. ANNAN on April 8 2019.
ENDEAVOR is the collection of all vital information, studies of recent market trends, the articles , information, news, research report of companies, opportunity for Investment in account & finance Product that will help to generate deeper understanding of emerging market and impact on Account & Finance Domain.  Article of Endeavor is based on research focusing current scenario and demands. ENDEAVOR includes some excellent writings  by eminent professionals and  Interviews By:  Orshi Terhemba Ephraim Aat, Acilrm, Interview With:  Justin Joseph Dawom Scilrm, Aca , Interview With:  Ambassador Kpoughga Christopher thoma reports on Mega Financial Inclusion News Accountants And Artificial Intelligence (Ai): Adapting Digital Future By Lachlan Colquhoun, Intheback, Cpa Australia Ltd Cloud Audit , Icaew (Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of England And Wales) , Key Performance Indicators (Kpis), By Bernard marr of forbes (uk) including cover story :tribute to world’s great leader koffi  a. Annan.
First Edition ENDEAVOR 2019, (The First Edition)  is published by WAIMS ACADEMIC PRESS,a division of world Academy of Informatics  and Management Science. The Board of management extends its heartiest congratulations to entire team and key contributors  of these Articles as without them such task cannot be completed.

For the 2020 Endeavor is marked on the Theme on “Embracing and Exploring finance and Emerging Technologies: The Eco-System Game Changer for Business” Board is happy to accept Your comments on the various articles, news, report and other items published in this edition are welcome.

ENDEAVOR is fully dedicated to emerging market and their endeavor as contribution in Account & Finance Domain. it will record the articles , information, news, research report of companies, opportunity for Investment in account & finance Product.
Name of Editor: Orshi Termemba ephraim, Nigeria
Editor-In Chief : Prof.(Dr.) Ripu Ranjan Sinha
Publisher : WAIMS Academic Press, Jaipur India
No of Pages: 100
Size : 21cm*29.7cm
Frequency : Annual
Publication Date: 31 March 2020
Mode of Publication : Online/offline
Contribution Invited: WAIMS Academic Press is Inviting contribution from Advt. Agency, CEO & CFO, Director Account & Finance, international Accounting & Finance Standards organization, Startup Opportunity , Leaders interviews , Companies Research Report, News and Articles in respective domain.
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