International Coding Kids Academy (ICKA) Launch Announcement

This announcement introduces the International Coding Kids Academy (ICKA), a new program designed to equip young people with in-demand digital skills.


  • Dr. Akepe Linus Enobi, a prominent figure in African academia and technology, leads the initiative &
  • Prof. (Dr.) Ripu Ranjan Sinha is an Indian academician known for his global advocacy for the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 and other development initiatives. With roots in Bihar, he holds advanced degrees in Computer Science and Knowledge Management and has excelled in academia and research. Prof. Sinha is recognized as a Higher Education Expert and serves on the board of the Asia Africa Development Council. He is celebrated for his innovative vision in promoting sustainable peace and development, reflected in his leadership roles in various organizations, including the World Academy of Informatics and Management Sciences. Additionally, he is esteemed as an ICT and emerging technologist consultant, contributing to the advancement of technology and its application in sustainable development efforts.

About ICKA:

  • ICKA is a collaboration between the World Academy of Informatics and Management Science (WAIMS) in India and Cameroon.
  • The program aims to engage young learners (aged 14-35) in coding projects related to Robotics, AI, extended technologies, creative design, and product development.

Program Highlights:

  • Online instruction and evaluation by qualified tech professors.
  • High-quality coding education with industry-recognized certifications upon completion.
  • Franchise opportunities and potential for global project sales.

Skills Learned:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Robotics
  • Coding
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software Development
  • Forensic Investigation (Digital Forensics)

Eligible Countries and Trainees:

  • The program targets youths aged 14 to 35 in several African and other participating countries. Specific quotas are set for each country.
  • Botswana (300)

•           Cameroon (1,419)

•           The Gambia (126)

•           Ghana (1,704)

•           Kenya (3,051)

•           Lesotho (117)

•           Liberia (200)

•           Malawi (1,050)

•           Mauritius (69)

•           Mozambique (1,788)

•           Namibia (138)

•           Nigeria (11,313)

•           Rwanda (693)

•           Seychelles (50)

•           Sierra Leone (400)

•           South Africa (3,250)

South Sudan (1000)

•           Swaziland (60)

•           Tanzania (3,279)

•           Uganda (2,500)

•           Zambia (1,000)

•           Zimbabwe (816)

Other Eligible Participating Countries with maximum trainee quotas:

Australia: 1000

Bangladesh: 2570

Brunei Darussalam: 200

Canada: 1500

Cyprus: 200

Indonesia: 500

India: 21,249

Malaysia: 500

Malta: 100

New Zealand: 379

Pakistan: 500

Singapore: 592

Sri Lanka: 900

United Kingdom: 1500

Important Dates:

  • Training Start Date: June 3rd, 2024
  • Application Deadline: June 2nd, 2024
  • Training Duration: Three months
  • Mode of Studies: Online

Program Fees:

  • 100 USD


  • Citizen of a listed African or participating country.
  • Age between 14 and 35 years old.
  • Strong English language skills.
  • Commitment to daily online coursework.
  • Reliable device for online learning.

How to Apply:

Join the Program:

This program offers an opportunity for young people to gain valuable digital skills and contribute to Africa & global technological future.

Apply by June 2nd, 2024!