INNOVATE : The sphere of WAIMS innovate strives to embed the seed of innovative intellect in national young. The most excellent method to learn is to experience it.We conceptualize, systematize and promote a variety of competitions, quizzes and simulation games  at various level from school to organizations to facilitate new magnitude of individual goodwill . Competition lead conscription of upcoming leaders.

QUIZ:  Our online quizzing platform is exclusive where people can amuse themselves in various quizzes. Its simplicity and user friendliness gives it a supreme experience. Our prominent quiz masters host live quizzing events for institutions in accordance with employee engagement plan .. Our wide assortment of games, based on various subject principles, will support test and strengthen classroom learning of an individual and develop business strategies by creating a simulated spirited atmosphere.

Essay: With a view to explore the thought and imagination and develop the understanding  we have arrangement of essay competition at national and intenational level .essay contest is structured in an endeavor to tie together the energy, creativity and inventiveness of the world’s adolescence in promoting a ethnicity of peace and sustainable development. We also aspire to instigate community to hear from the young minds and to imagine a propos how each one of us can make a difference in the globe.

Idea: Thriving businesses set up with durable effort, the right connections, and a flare of encouragement. If you have an innovative business idea and want to turn it into a lucrative business, we helps to derive great ideas from young people through call for ideas competition. Competition on ideas can turn great ideas into business. Our call for ideas will add impetus to business strategy of an individual, whether he had never started a company or he is already in business and generating revenue.

Logo:  Logo is a visual depiction of the whole thing any company stands for.Preferably, company logo enhances latent customers and partners’ fundamental first impression of business. An excellent logo can construct allegiance between business and the customers, institute brand uniqueness, and present the professional look of an established enterprise. WAIMS logo design contest is intended to help drive the intellects towards creation. WAIMS Innovate call for idea/logo/quiz/essay competition at school and graduation  level aspirant, candidate will need to register with us.

EXPLORE :  WAIMS Foundation seeks to encourage strong-willed inquest and systematic investigation that will add to the knowledge base of the researcher. , WAIMS explore on research may focus on entity, community, or societal issues and should be approachable to existing theoretical perspectives and ecological conditions driving change in innovative learning and education. WAIMS explore is governed by ethical consideration for research participants and society as a whole and seek to notify and advance both policy and practice. It is developed to outline research direction and bring together researchers and practitioners with the an objective of improving research, innovation and learning. In support of this work, the  WAIMS explore has been charged with soliciting research proposals that encourage practitionr–researcher collaboration. Therefore we are calling research proposal / research paper / review paper /technical paper from post graduate / doctorate / post doctorate contender , candidate is need to register with us by filling the registration form . Shortlisted and recommended proposal/paper may be published and certificate and grant shall be approved on approval of our council and boards

EXPAND : WAIMS Expand is result oriented skill training scheme of the  Skill Development & Entrepreneurship . The goal of this skill certification and reward scheme is to facilitate and muster a large number of Indian youth to take up result oriented skill training and become employable and earn their source of revenue. WAIMS Expand  is accountable for harmonization of all skill development efforts across the country, exclusion of disconnect between demand and supply of skilled manpower, building the vocational and technical training framework, skill up-gradation, building of new skills, and innovative thinking not only for existing jobs but also jobs that are to be created. For this purpose we are calling for Skill Directory-Industry and Skill Directory-Academia . candidate is need to register with us by filling the registration form . Shortlisted and recommended proposal/paper may be published and certificate and grant shall be approved on approval of our council and boards.