Issue I_Jan-Feb 2014

S.N Paper Id  Paper title Authors & affiliation Download /ref
1 WAIMS/031/201 Student Safe Commute System holding Rekha Gautam, Shifa Khan, Mrs. Renuka Bhandari Army Institute of Technology, Department of Electronics and Telecommunication, Pune, India Academia / Index Copernicus
2 WAIMS/031/202 Cloud Based Diabetes Management and Research – Blue Circled Cloud      Kanchan rani1, vikas kumar2 Banasthali University, Computer Science Department, Moradabad Institute of technology.
3 WAIMS/031/203

Solving Travelling Salesman Problem Using Genetic Algorithm Based on Heuristic Crossover and Mutation Operator  Joseph George, Anuradha G.B, Dr.Madiajagan,BITS Pilani-Dubai,Rashid Centre for Diabetes and Research,BITS Pilani – Dubai Academia / Index Copernicus
4 WAIMS/031/204

Experimental Investigations of Double Condensing Solar Still Using Fuzzy Logic R.Manivannan,S.P.Asok, Affiliation of Anna University and Mechanical department
5 WAIMS/031/210

Design 0f High Speed Low Power Multiplier using Reversible logic: a Vedic Mathematical Approach P.Sri Lakshmi

Academia / Index Copernicus
6 WAIMS/031/211 An efficient IBPBS without Bilinear pairings  Anuranjan Misra,Akanksha Bana CSE, Department ,Bhagwant Institute of Technology, Ghaziabad, India Academia / Index Copernicus
7 WAIMS/031/202 On Image Categorization using Genetic Programming and Multiple Kernel Support Vector Machine   Jyothi Korra Computer Science and Engineering Christ University Faculty of Engineering Bangalore, India
8 WAIMS/031/205 Scheduling The Task and Maximum Profit Service on Cloud Computing    P.Deepavathi, P.Regitha Mr.T.Manikandan, Assistant Professor of ECE K.Ramakrishnan college of Technology, Trichy Academia / Index Copernicus