S.N Paper Id  Paper title Authors & affiliation Download /ref
1. WAIMS/0069/00109/1-19 Prediction of organizational knowledge management practice for software engineering organization via multi agent

Dr. C.S Lamba, Ripu R Sinha, Research Scholar NIMS University Rajasthan, Research Supervisor NIMS University Rajasthan Academia / Index Copernicus
2. WAIMS/0049/108/28-32 A study on the consumer buying behavior of personal care products in more super market, chittoor district 

B.Ujwala Sitams college, chittoor,
Andhra Pradesh

3. WAIMS/0039/00204/42-45 Mining local frequent periodic patterns in time series database B.Chakardhar, Shashi kumar, G. TOTAD ,GMR Institute of technology Rajam,Srikakulam,AP Academia / Index Copernicus
4 WAIMS/0039/00104/37-41 A study on business ethics in advertising : B.SUDHEER KUMAR, Sreenivasa Institute Of Technology and Management Studies (SITAMS), Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh Academia / Index Copernicus
5 WAIMS/0039/00135/20-23 A comparative and analysis of 4g technologies JAGREET KAUR, SHALINI WASAN ,Chandigarh College of Engineering & Technology
Keyword: WiMAX, 802.16e, 3GPP-LTE, SWOT
Academia / Index Copernicus
6. WAIMS/0039/00205/64-69 Analytical study of e-commerce security issues and challenges Rahul Saxena, Research Scholar NIMS University School of Computing Sciences; C.S. Lamba ,Research Supervisor NIMS University, School of Computing Sciences,

7 WAIMS/0039/00104/74-76 Optimizing the power of wireless sensor networks using the efficient cluster building method 

C.M.Sathish Raja,Latha Mathavan Engineering College Academia / Index Copernicus
8 WAIMS/0039/00107/24-27

Data Mining Techniques and their Implementation in Blood Bank Sector ├ón Review                    Arvind Sharma, Head, Department of Computer Science, DAV Kota, Rajasthan, India ; Ankit Bhardwaj ,M.Tech Scholar, Department of Computer Science & Engg., HCTM, Kaithal, Haryana Academia / Index Copernicus
9 WAIMS/0039/00135/59-63

Live network traffic analysis

Jagreet Kaur, Shalini Wasan , Chandigarh College of Engineering & Technology Academia / Index Copernicus