WAIMS Foundation has developed Research Councils within a broad set of subject disciplines, and in collaboration with other Councils and partners. Those wishing to apply for research funding should address specific questions to the relevant Research Council. Each of the Research Councils has a scientific vision or strategic plan which sets out the Councils overarching research aspirations and priorities. These can be accessed at: A brief summary of the areas of research each Council funds is outlined below.
Arts & Humanities | Biotechnology & Biological Sciences |Engineering & Physical Sciences |Economic & Social | Natural Environment  |Science and Technology

These research strategies are developed through extensive consultation with the academic community, and with a wide range of users and stakeholders including relevant Government Departments, industry, the wider public sector and also the public itself. The Research Councils support a great deal of cross-/multi-/inter-/trans-/ disciplinary research, which benefits from drawing together insights and approaches from a number of established research disciplines. Further information on how the Research Councils support cross discipline research is available.

Arts and Humanities Research Council : supports research across a wide subject domains including:

history (ancient, medieval and modern) | classics | archaeology | modern languages and linguistics English language and literature| the visual arts and media| librarianship, information and museum studies|philosophy, law, religious studies| music and creative and performing arts.

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council funds research in the biosciences, in areas including:

  • Genomics, stem cell biology, and bio-nanotechnology, that provide a basis for new technologies in healthcare, food safety, plant and livestock breeding, and bio-processing;
  • Whole organism biology relevant to the understanding of diet and health, ageing, animal health and welfare, infectious diseases and immunity, and crop productivity;
  • Biological populations and systems that underpin agricultural sustainability, biodiversity and novel bio-based and renewable processes for energy and manufacturing.

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council : supports fundamental research in the physical sciences through to more applied topics in engineering and technology. This includes research in the following areas:

mathematics | chemistry | physics | materials science |engineering | computer science, including high performance computing | energy research | research into the built environment |information and communications technology |research into innovative manufacturing.

Economic and Social Research Council : funds social science and economic research across a wide of disciplines encompassing:
sociology | economics | anthropology| political science | area or regionally based research and geography | international relations | cultural and media studies | law and linguistics

Medical Research Council :The MRC’s remit covers the full range of medical research from studies of molecules to the implementation of research findings into clinical practice. This includes such topics as:
the use of animals in research | antibiotic resistance | brain sciences | genomics and proteomics | health of the public| intensive care | patient safety research |stem cell research.

Natural Environment Research Council :  funds environmental research, survey and observation work across a wide spectrum of disciplines, including:
the geo- and earth sciences, hydrology, soil science, atmospheric research and oceanography| biological and microbiological research on animal and plant biodiversity, population dynamics and ecology|climate change research|environmental chemistry and physics|satellite based Earth observation|polar research|management of land and natural resources.

Science and Technology Facilities Council  :Amongst others, STFC’s areas of research include:
astronomy | computational science | energy | nuclear physics | article physics | space science.

Note : Interested Researchers /Post Doctorate Aspirants/Policy Planner and Maker can may submit proposal with requisite fees through online submission link or Mail us