Dr. Ripu R. Sinha, career combines unique administration, industrial and academic experiences that span over More than One Decade with Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science with the zeal of entrepreneurship, Dr. Sinha has attended QIP at IITK on “Intelligent Informatics” and IITM on ‘Research Methodologies’. In research part Dr. Sinha is engaged in agent mediated Software Engineering for creation of organizational Experience center/ B2B applications and complex enterprise resource planning solution.

Dr. Shaikh Aftab Anwar, M.Com; MBA; Ph.D (Business Administration) is an educationist, researcher, social activist and a transformational leader. He has more than 25 years of teaching, research, consultancy, executive education and industry experience. He was nominated as ‘Senate Member’ of University of Pune by the Governor of Maharashtra. He is also member of various boards and committees of University of Pune. He is engaged in various National and International event and project for the betterment of the society. he is also founder members of Innovation Society (India).

 Chairmen Center of Excellence  

Dr. Vijay Pithadia cleared 18 years of teaching experience (Starting form 1999 onwards) in three states Gujarat, Uttarpradesh & Tamilnadu and 6 years of Industry experience in the Electronics Engineering & Managerial areas (from 1990 to 1997). He obtained his Electronics Technician qualification from Industrial Training Institute during 1989, Master of Commerce (Business) from Department of Commerce during 1994 – 1996 and Business Administration, Saurashtra University – Rajkot during 1991-1994.

 Michael is currently Director of Communications for the Interactive Design Institute (IDI) an online education company which specialises in collaborating with universities to enable the development and delivery of complete programmes and individual courses entirely online and through blended learning models. The Interactive Design Institute was founded by Michael and three other education managers with the intention of widening student access to high quality, higher education provision via a customised learning management system.

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Tripti R

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Chairmen Project Committee

Dr. Kuldeep S Charak, Director, Faculty of Management – MBA & MCA, Navsahyadri Group of Institutes, Pune

Chairmen Innovation Committee 

Dr. Badiudin Ahamad

Chairmen Event Committee

Dr. Himanshu Monga