VOLUME 2 : SESSION 2013-2014
1 Paper title : A Survey on Community Detection in Social Network Analysis
Paper id :WAIMS/121/21/1
Abstract: Social network analysis (SNA) is the methodical analysis of social networks. Social network analysis views social relationships in terms of network theory, consisting of nodes representing individual actors within the network) and ties (which represent relationships between the individuals, such as friendship, kinship, organizational position, sexual relationships, etc. These networks are often depicted in a social network diagram, where nodes are represented as points and ties are represented as lines. In this paper we consider the variety of issues, often grouped under term trends detected among communities, implied by the need for accurately describing how information changes over time in Social Networks. These issues can be classified into some topics, namely: Sociability, Heterogeneity, Evolution, Collective Intelligence and Evaluation. After introducing the main concepts and terminology of Social Network Analysis, we separately survey these topics. Finally, we discuss the open research issues also in connection with their implementation on commercial tools.
Affiliation: Meenakshi S MCA., (Ph.D)., The Kavery Engineering College, S.Nancy Lima Christy. M,E., The Kavery Engineering College
Keyword: Social Networks, Sub Graph, Degree, Centrality, Community Detection
2 Paper Title : An Integrated Quality tools to evaluate the effectiveness of Software
Paper Id :WAIMS/121/21/20
Abstract: The quality of software plays an important role in software engineering. Quality of any software is essential for any kind of organizations. Poor quality of software leads to excessive loss of revenue to the organizations. In the last decade several valuable works has been done by so many researchers and tried to appraise the quality of the software. The information and the quality of services are now important factors’ impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of any product and process quality. Various software engineering journals and research papers identifies number of quality models which is used to evaluate the quality of software. Because of that, quality is as a rule captured in a model that shows the characteristics and their relationships. Different organizations use different type of quality models. Selection of a suitable model is a very tedious job Different concepts of quality characteristics are reviewed and discuss in this paper as well as analysis of various quality models used by various organization is being discusses in this paper.
Affiliation: Anju Gautam, School of Computer and Systems Sciences,Jaipur National University , Dr.Vivek Sharma ,Jagannath university jaipur
Keyword: quality Model, quality attributes, website Assessment, McCall’s model, Boehm’s model, ISO model
3 Paper Title : The Detrimental Effect of Coal Dust on Miner’s Respiratory Function 
Paper Id:WAIMS/121/21/23
Abstract: Forced vital (FVC), Forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1), Forced expiratory ratio (FEV1%), peak expiratory flow (PEF) and mid expiratory flow (MEF 50) were measured in 18 non-miners (mean age 41.56 ? 7.05) and 38 miners (mean age 41.18 ? 7.31) exposed to coal dust in a mine of eastern coal field. The exposed group (miners) have a significantly negative correlation between year of exposure, FVC, FEV1% and PEF than the non-miners. But it is surprising that whenever FEV1correlate with the year of Exposure (working experiences) both miners and non-miners show a significant correlation. Another correlation has been done between lung function parameter and age of the subject. From the result it has been shown that miners have a significant negative correlation than the non-miners except FEV1 values. The results indicate that miners lung function parameter is decreased with the age and year of exposure. The most obvious cause is longitudinal exposure of coal dust.
Affiliation: Prasun Banerjee & Samipa Banerjee (Dutta) George College of Management & Science Budge Budge Trunk Road, Maheshtala Kolkata-141, West Bengal, India
Keyword: Lung Function, Miners, Coal dust
4 Paper Title : Knowledge Management in Business Growth through the Strategic Concepts of Information System 
Paper Id : WAIMS/121/21/21
information is the key term for exploring the skills and experience for performing the various tasks in education, industry, personals or any type of organizations. It basically shows the strategy to process the further work and generating the innovative ideas for accepting the challenging tasks. The major concepts for performing any work, the knowledge management play an excellent role and execute the ideas without confliction. In this paper, the concept of knowledge management has been described by conceptual approach of information system to generate business strategies in growing ways. Actually, the major problems such as to apply, perform and execute the conceptual working structure and challenges, have been considered here. The concepts and techniques of information system is applied to handle and the tasks in proper way to run the system smoothly. For managing these innovation knowledge, to help the corporate world for performing various areas and related functions in developing their business, have been designed and implemented in applications by the systematic methodology by the information system.
Affiliation: Avanish Kumar Singh Department of Computer Science & Engineering,Nehru College of Engineering & Research Centre, Thrissur Kerala, India, Chandrama Singh Department of Management Jahangirabad Institute of Technology Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, India
Keyword: Knowledge Management, Information System, Local Knowledge, Business Strategy, Philosophy
5 Paper Title : Improvement of Power Quality and Voltage Stability of Distribution System by using Facts, Custom Power Devices and Battery Energy Storage System
Paper Id : WAIMS/121/21/22
Abstract: Power quality studies have always played an essential role in the analysis of electrical power systems. They provide priceless information relating to the behavior of the system in the event of different forms of transient phenomena, which can hardly be achieved by other means. In this paper an electromagnetic transient model of Fixed Capacitor/Thyristor controlled reactor (FC-TCR) is developed and applied to the study of transients due to load variations. The work is then extended to custom power equipment, namely Distribution Static Compensator (D-STATCOM) and Dynamic voltage Restorer (DVR) aimed at enhancing the reliability and quality of power flows in Low voltage distribution networks. A mathematical model is built, and a multi-index nonlinear coordinated control scheme for the system is proposed. As a new FACTS Facility, BESS can regulate active power and reactive power of the power bus synchronously. It can enhance the control accuracy of output variables and voltage stability improves power quality of load.PSCAD/EMTDC simulation tool is used for model implementation and to carry out extensive simulation studies. Results are presented to assess the performance of each device as a potential custom power solution.
Affiliation: P.Sudhakar,B.shivaprasad,O.Felix,Sk.Aarif Department of Electrical Engineering,N.B.K.R.I.S.T,Vidyanagar,IndiaKeyword: Custom power, D-STATCOM, DVR, VSC, BESS PSCAD/EMTDC.
 6. Paper Title : Understanding the Group Cohesion in Virtual Community: Integrated Social Capital and Social Power Perspectives
Paper Id:WAIMS/121/21/24
Abstract: With the rapid development of information communication technology, people communicated with each other without restriction related to time and space. Information and communication technology enable the virtual community to see the potential value of people having good interpersonal relationships to establish their social network events with a few steps to connect them together. People exchange their knowledge in these specific communities, and system quality, information quality and service quality will determine the participate intention. As the community members continue to share their knowledge, the virtual community will grow more sustainable. Enriching the content of the virtual community will encourage the members to have stronger social ties. When the members engage in more interactions in this community, these activities will enhance the group cohesion. Therefore, the driver that makes the members participate in the community activities is not only access to the information, but also the interaction with other members. Hence, the issue of a sustainable community is very important and worthy of discussion. This study integrated social power and social capital theory to explore the intentions to use of Facebook and the sense of belonging. This study adapted structural equation modeling (SEM) as the analysis method. Data were collected from Facebook through an online questionnaire, and analyzed using LISREL 8.8. The measurement items included several constructs: group cohesion, social capital and social power. The research results suggest that social power, including reward power, coercive power, legitimate power, referent power, expert power and information power, plays an important role in a virtual community, such as Facebook. As the fans of Facebook become involved in community activities, the group cohesion will be influenced by social capital and social power.
Affiliation: Ruey-Ming Chao, Chen-Chi Chang, Shao-Wei Su Institute of Information and Society, National United University, 1, Lienda, Miaoli 36003, Taiwan, R.O.C*Corresponding Keyword: Group Cohesion, Social Power, Social Capital, Virtual Community
7. Paper Title : An empirical Study on Performance study on performance appraisal practice at life insurance corporation of India, Bangalore Division 
Paper Id :WAIMS /023/02/006
Abstract: The Life insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has been a nation-builder since its formation in 1956 Characterized by global presence with a local focus and driven by customer orientation to establish high earnings potential and financial strength. Presently the company is facing a strong competition in the market because of a number of private players. Thus the aim of this paper is to enhance the performance management practices of Life Insurance Corporation Of India that fosters motivation, creativity, and job excellence of the employees who play a major role in the success of the company’s business. This study focuses on the theoretical background relating to the company and its industry, and also focuses on the detailed analysis and findings of the performance management practices towards the development officers at LIC.The research paper also includes suggestions for improvising the current performance management practices at LIC. This has got implications both for academics and corporate
Affiliation: *Dr.Kumudha Associate Professor, Department of Business Management, P.S.G.Krishnammal College for Women, Coimbatore. Senthilkumar ,Assistant Professor, Department of management Studies, Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bangalore.
Keyword: LIC
Paper Title : Survey on outlier detection in Data Mining 
Paper Id: WAIMS/023/02/008
Abstract: Data Mining is used to extract useful information from a collection of databases or data warehouses. In recent years, Data Mining has become an important field. In this paper we have surveyed upon data mining and its various techniques that are used to extract useful information such as clustering, and we have also surveyed the techniques that are used to detect the outliers. We have presented various techniques used by different researchers to detect outliers and present the efficient result to the user
Affiliation: 1Jaanpreet Singh, Shruti Aggarawal,  1Mtech Research scholar Dept. of C.S.E 1Sri Guru Granth Sahib World University. (SGGSWU) Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab, India. 2Assisstant Professor Dept of C.S.E, 2Sri Guru Granth Sahib World University. (SGGSWU) Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab, India
Keyword: Data Mining, Clustering, Outlier, Outlier Detection
 9. Paper Title : A Survey of Genetic algorithm for association rule mining
Paper id: WAIMS/023/02/011
Abstract: In recent years, Data Mining is an important aspect for generating association rules among the large number of itemsets. Association Rule Mining is the method for discovering interesting relations between variables in large databases. It is considered as one of the important tasks of data mining intended towards decision making. Genetic algorithm (GA) based on evolution principles has found its strong base in mining Association Rules. Genetic algorithm is a search heuristic which is used to generate useful solutions to optimization and search problems. Genetic algorithm has proved to generate more accurate results when compared to other formal methods available. The fitness function used in Genetic Algorithm evaluates the quality of each rule. Many researchers have proposed genetic algorithm for mining interesting rules from dataset. In this paper, we present the survey of Genetic Algorithm for Association Rule Mining.
Affiliation: 1Gagandeep Kaur, 2shruti Aggarwal 1M.Tech Research Scholar, Dept. of CSE, Sri Guru Granth Sahib World University, Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab, India 2Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE, Sri Guru Granth Sahib World University, Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab, India
Keyword: Association Rule Mining, Genetic Algorithm 
10. Paper Title : Review of Existing methods for finding initial clusters in K-Means Algorithm 
Paper Id : WAIMS/023/02/009
Abstract: Clustering is one of the Data mining tasks that can be used to cluster or group objects on the basis of their nearness to the central value. It has found many applications in the field of business, image processing, medical etc. K Means is one the method of clustering which is used widely because it is simple and efficient. The output of the K Means depends upon the chosen central values for clustering. So accuracy of the K Means algorithm depends much on the chosen central values. This paper presents the various methods evolved by researchers for finding initial clusters for K Means.
Affiliation: 1harmanpreet Singh, 2Kamaljit Kaur 1M-Tech Research Scholar, Shri Guru Granth Sahib World University (Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab), Computer Science & Engineering 2Assistant Professor, Shri Guru Granth Sahib World University (Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab), Computer Science & Engineering
Keyword: Accuracy, Centroids, Dataset, Initial Clusters, K-Means
 11. Paper Title : Review of Different Algorithm for Outlier Detection 
Paper Id : WAIMS/023/02/012
Abstract: Clustering plays an important role in data mining. Its main job is division of data into groups. The similar type data is grouped one cluster and dissimilar data is grouped another cluster. But major problem with in clustering is to handle outliers. Outliers occur because of mechanical faults, system behaviour, human fault or mistake of natural deviations. Outlier detection refers to the problem of finding pattern in data that do not conform to expected normal behaviour. A variety of algorithms used to solve the problem of outliers. They are subject of this paper. This paper explores the behaviour of some clustering algorithms that performs on different type’s dataset and methods to solve the problem of outliers.
Affiliation: Navneet Kaur1, KamaljitKaur2 1computer Science, SGGSWU, Fatehgarh Sahib, India, 2Computer Science, SGGSWU, Fatehgarh Sahib, India,
Keyword: Outlier, Clustering, Centroid, Types K-means algorithm, Greedy algorithm
 12. Paper title : Creating signed executable for Linux platform using digital signature 
Paper Id: WAIMS/023/03/007
Abstract: This paper describe the design and implementation of signed executable module in Linux Platform where it allows only to load and run trusted application/code and deny the execution of untrusted execution of application/code. The signature shall be provided using the Asymmetric Key Cryptographic Infrastructure. A careful study will be taken up to design an efficient signing framework which can manipulate the existing object file formats recognized by the native operating system platform, to introduce the digital signatures, as part of the object files themselves. It ensures that a piece of code is not altered once it has signed and also identifies the code emerging from a specific developer or signer. It is based on the idea that the author signs the application/code using private key and the end user uses public key to verify the signature
Affiliation: Rajgopal K.T,M Keshava Rao, Nagaraja G.S,Department of Computer Science & Engg, R V College of Engineering, Scientist E, CAIR DRDO, Bangalore, India,Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engg, R V College of Engineering
Keyword: : Hashing, Public Key Encryption, Authentication, Integrity, Trusted Execution Technology, Digital Signature
 13 Paper Title : A priority queue approch to evaluate aggregate queries efficiently   
Paper Id: WAIMS/023/03/001)
Abstract: In particular, an Aggregate query by name Iceberg (IB) query is a special kind of an aggregation query that calculates an aggregate value based on user preferred threshold (TH). The bitmap index (BI) is a common data structure (DS) for fast retrieval of matching rows in a relational database table. These resultant rows are useful to compute aggregate functions. In this work; the propose priority queue (PQ) approach to evaluate iceberg (IB) queries efficiently using compacted BI are proposed. The approach organizes the vectors in PQ by allowing for high density of 1’s count to achieve finest reducing effect. In-depth experimentation demonstrates our proposed model is much more efficient than existing strategy
Affiliation: M.Laxmaiah1, Dr.A.Govardhan2, Dr. C.Sunil Kumar JNTUH University, Tirumala Engineering College, Hyderabad,JNTUH University, Director of Evaluation, Hyderabad,JNTUH University, Vaageswari College of Engineering, Karimnagar
Keyword: Database, IB Query, Bitmap index (BI), priority queue (PQ), Data warehouse (DW),XOR
 14 Paper Title : REST as a Web Architectural Design
Paper Id :WAIMS/023/03/008
Abstract: Many Architectural styles are evolved over the years, Representational state transfer(REST) is one of the architectural style and it’s not a technology. REST is client-server stateless architecture and its main feature is how the resource are created and accessed over the network. REST is built over the HTTP, it uses standard HTTP methods for its interaction between service provider and the client. REST is layered architecture. REST provides caching, encapsulation, loose coupling, and reduces complexity.
Affiliation: Lokesh Murge,M.Tech Student, Department of Computer Science & Engg, R V College of Engineering, Sandhya S, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engg, R V College of Engineering,Bangalore, India
Keyword: REST,WWW, Web Architecture
 15 Paper Title : Cloud availability metrics with their effective Loud Availability Metrics with their effective issue on cloud quality
Paper id: WAIMS/023/03/012
Abstract: In recent world cloud computing is the most prominent technology which is being followed by almost every organization and in industry. Cloud computing provides a way to use resources remotely as pay per use manner. These resources can be a platform, infrastructure or software and all these are provided by some famous cloud providers. Many customers are relying on the cloud for their vital data so the cloud they must choose should be a high quality cloud. To determine the quality of any cloud its performance needs to be inspected. Availability is a foremost aspect for any cloud to be a high quality cloud. In this paper some dynamic metrics are proposed for the purpose of examining the availability of cloud services on some proposed quality issues which needs to be attaining by a cloud to be the finest one. For the first time the different parameters related to SAAS is taken and analyzed. In the end case studies of some famous clouds by applying those dynamic metrics on them and comparison charts of their availability variations contingent on the concerns are being plotted according to the selected cloud performance
Affiliation: Shanu Sood, Aman Paul , Department of Computer Science Engineering University , Baru Sahib
Keyword: Cloud, Cloud quality, Availability, Metrics, Cloud Providers and Cloud Services
 16 Paper Title : Fingerprint Identification using Fuzzy Based Filtering Technique for enhancing Image 
Paper Id :WAIMS/024/04/002
Abstract: Fingerprint Identification is one of the silent areas in biometric identification system. Usually ,a technique called minutiae matching is used to be able to handle automatic fingerprint identification with a computer system. It matches fingerprint among N fingerprints. Because, fingerprint patterns are fuzzy in nature. The quality of fingerprint image is imperative for various matching process .Normally, the contrast of the image is improved during the pre-processing phase of fingerprint matching. Contrast refers to the difference between two contiguous pixels. We proposed efficient and robust fingerprint technique via fuzzy based filtering. In this paper, a fuzzy modelling approach is employed for removing the noise as well as for improving the luminosity of ridges. Moreever, the fuzzy filter values are evaluated and superior result are produced in the image domain
Affiliation: Manisha Redhu,Maharshi Dayanand University, Computer Science Department, Rohtak, Haryana
Keyword: Biometric Identification, Fuzzy logic Filtering, Minutiae Extraction, Fingerprint recognition.
 17 Paper Title : Steganography on medical Images to record Investigation Results 
Paper Id: WAIMS/0854/5OAqj
Abstract: Integrating medical images into healthcare records were always a challenge. This paper deals with the application of steganographical approach in medical imaging. An architectural design to implement the concept is discussed. This has a wide scope and as a first step, medical image steganography with confidential data is considered. Diabetes retinal images will be considered for this purpose and the expected outcome is an architecture design and a prototype towards secured hiding of medical results, taken from HIS(Hospital Information System) database, inside retinal images. This can be used for transmitting medical images over a network in a secure way, where the confidential data is hidden. This paper also deals with the series of steps required to do the intended process.
Affiliation: Joseph George , Dr.Jagdish Nayak , BITS Pilani-Dubai, Dubai International Academic City, UAE
Keyword: Stenography in Healthcare Images; Confidential Data Hiding in Medical Images; Medical Images and Steganography; HIS and Steganography.
 18 Paper title : Design and Develop an Android application for virtual E-medic System for self screening of breast cancer 
Paper Id :WAIMS/7898/LPYQ5
Abstract: Design and develop an architectural model for implementing a Virtual E-Medic system for BSE (Breast Self Examination) in the early stage to rule out the possibility or to go for further tests and treatment. A prototype model can be developed and the design shall be implemented in a real-time environment. The application will prompt the user to enter the symptoms after the self examination on a particular day of every month in the device such as a smart phone or a gadget, if any noticeable changes are discovered the application will analyze and display the results and for the possibility of breast cancer symptoms and notify the user for further clinical examination. The results can also be stored in the local database. The Pictures of the skin samples are analyzed and changes or abnormalities are detected and notified to the user. This Architectural model can be implemented in android OS environment as if offers advantages such as open source, multitasking, custom Firmware and upgradable OS
Affiliation: G.B.Anuradha, Joseph George, Dr.M.Madiajagan, Bits Pilani-Dubai,Dubai International Academic City, Dubai
Keyword: BSE, Custom Firmware, Virtual E-medic, BYOD
 19. Paper title : Analysis of Rank Sink Problem in Pagerank Algorithm
Paper Id: WAIMS/7061/H3C9V
Abstract: Web is expanding day by day and people generally rely on search engine to explore the web .It is a challenge for service provider to provide proper relevant and quality information to the internet user by using the web page contents and hyperlink between the web pages and accordingly, ranking the desired pages[11]. One successful and well-publicized link-based ranking system is PageRank, which is used by the Google search engine [2]. The PageRank algorithm has been developed to overcome so called “abundance problem”. The World Wide Web continues to grow rapidly at a rate of a million pages per day [4] and searching a right document from such an enormous number of Web pages has brought about the need for a new ranking scheme beyond the relevance matching, the traditional information retrieval scheme. In this paper we discuss the Page Rank Algorithm and deal with the Rank Sink problem associated with the algorithm
Affiliation: Bharat Bhushan Agrawal,Research scholar,Teerthanker Mahaveer University(TMU)Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh,(INDIA),Dr. Mahmoodul Hasan Ula Khan,Department of Computer Engineering, I. E. T, Lucknow, INDIA.
Keyword: Keywords: Page Rank, Web pages, Rank Sink, Hyperlink Structure
 20. Paper Title : Project Corrective Action Plan Vs Economic Explosion 
Paper Id: WAIMS/0875/ATCV5
Abstract: It is an established fact that economic principles handled by the whole world need corrective action process enabling to exercise it towards continuous viable economic working to achieve actual plus minus yields. The existing economic situation in the whole world will have direct repercussion due to its mishandling for the last several years hence it needs corrective action process in terms of actual economic principles as briefed in the following few lines
 21. Paper Title : Changing role of Universities –An Analysis of the Current Scenario
Paper Id : WAIMS/026/0111
Abstract: Universities are often looked upon to take a leadership role within societies. They are expected to lead by example whether through advanced research or by extending their expert advice on a variety of topics on a global scale beyond their campus. Meanwhile, a societal trend that has been gathering momentum over the past couple of decades or so is the significant role of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in this sector. Universities can and should build on a tradition of the past decades of attempting to engage in positive social actions. Universities provide an atmosphere of ideas, freedom and debate that stimulates student activism and social involvement. In this period of global transformation there is need to establish new bases of sustainable society that takes into account the environment limits and reconsider the changing dynamics of global economic, social, political, cultural and human aspects and their local manifestations. To create and sustain the institutional frameworks and university-community partnerships that encourage and recognize good practice in social service by students, faculty, staff and their community partners is what is expected to be strengthening their role towards developing civic engagement. This paper aims to highlight the current features in the field of higher education and how being socially responsible, can give a new dimension to it. The data collection involves secondary sources and concludes on how the universities can strategize the CSR concept by enhancing the roles of its key stakeholders and thereby enhance their social commitment.
Affiliation: MS PRAGATI CHAUHAN, Assistant Professor,Department of Business Administration, Manav Rachna International University
Keyword: Community, Corporate Social responsibility, Stakeholders, University
 22. Paper Title : Overview of Wireless ADHOC Networking : Mobile ADHOC Networks Uses, features and Challenges
Paper Id: WAIMS/026/01020
Abstract: Ad hoc networks are network without central administration which consists of mobile nodes using a wireless interface to send packet data. It is an autonomous collection of mobile devices that communicate with each other over wireless links and collaborate in a distributed manner in order to provide the necessary network functionality in the absence of a fixed infrastructure. This paper discusses the concept of ad hoc networking by giving its background, characteristics, features, possible applications and network layer challenges.
Affiliation: Iyanda Olukunle,Otusile Oluwabukola,Awodele Oludele, Babcock University.
Keyword: Mobile Communication, Wireless network, Ad hoc Networking, Mobile ad hoc network (MANET)
 23. Paper Title : RAS Functionality Design for Disk Space Monitoring and Utilization
Paper Id: WAIMS/026/0112
Abstract: This paper describes the design and implementation of disk space monitoring tool in linux platform servers/system where it monitors the disk space utilization. If the disk space is about to be full, the tool will perform the recovery mechanism if still the problem persist then we do call home. Many RAS styles are evolved over the years. Disk space monitoring tool is a daemon process which monitor the utilization of disk space, prevents the system from non-functional state( i.e hung state) when the disk space is full thereby increases the RAS capability of the system.
Affiliation: SWETHA H S,VINUTHA V, M.Tech Student, Department of Computer Science & Engg, SJCE College of Engineering.
Keyword: RAS, MTBF, Daemon, RPM