VOLUME 6: SESSION 2017-2018
1 Paper Title : Cognitive Education,Research,Leadership, Institutional Networking , regulatory framework for Improved Industrial Productivity and Social Peace 
Paper Id: WAIMS/07/02 

Abstract:The Universal State: The Universe is Cognitive Spirit of Excellence, completeness of content. Mankind as within molecule of the Universe is well contented seed and evolves in cognition through resolutions towards its improved productivity and social peace.
Understanding the cognitive physics as right of the Universe and the self within him and evolving in synergy, is the duty conscious role of Mankind through primary and secondary education.
Understands the self Cognitive chemistry as ethics (the Health(Skill) and wealth(Science) through Higher Education and purposefully evolve in cognition(Faculty Leadership)integrating or attracting all elements into it(Networking)through a consecutive process of structuring(regulatory frame work)for entrepreneurship and creativity(innovations)for improved peace and prosperity(change)is social governance or holistic Mentoring.
Cognitive philosophy as Values is building Duty consciousness (well being or health of confidence) through primary and secondary education and subsequent effort to retain better chemistry of life (wealth) through a process of higher education, further innovating or researching for improved productivity as entrepreneur or as leader or Cupid delivering goods and services for the social welfare enjoying the spirit of harmony is Freedom or Wisdom (the cognitive skill and Science of the Universe).
Excelling of excellence is post doctoral research of Social counseling.

Authors : Dr K Nithyanandan Nair, Chief Preceptor of Cognitive Science, International Academy for Social Excellence (IASE)    (www.iasehrd.org)
Key words: Cognitive Evolution, Cognitive Right of physics, Cognitive Ethics of Chemistry, Cognitive Values of philosophy, Cognitive harmony