WAIMS Publication 2019

VOLUME 8: SESSION 2019-2020
1.Paper Title: Realistic Approach for WOMEN’s Finacial Independence against socio-economic barriers in India
Paper Id:WAIMS/01/2019
Abstract: Even after 7 decades of independence in India, the patriarchal shadow of male-dominant social domination and the identification of women focus only on inequality discrimination, rights violations and the question of legal status is still the same as clustering. Under normal humanities and descriptive processes, the social landscape does not seem real to women. This is the reason: Until the present era, women are not expected to be result-oriented to economic, social, educational development and empowerment; For this, governments and society need to adopt a positive attitude towards women and a system should be created in our society, where women should feel bold and confident in themselves. Women bring unique talent, ideas, and rationality to the workplace. We need to focus on women’s economic empowerment to justify development and economic stability in the country. Today women are giving excellent contributions towards sectors like – administrative, police, banking, entrepreneurs, advocacy and education, etc.
Social Upliftment, Administrative Reform,Workplace
Affiliation: Ashok Sharma, Research Scholar, Banasthali University,
Newai,Tonk (Raj.)