WAIMS centre of excellence for IT envisages an interdisciplinary loom and resources to enable the comprehension of thriving engineering systems. The Centre intends at facilitating and enabling necessary environment and facilities for all the key mechanism of system design Key constituent for realizing a booming engineering system are system modeling & simulation, understanding system dynamics, system optimization, virtual and physical experimentation.. The Centre is prepared to endow with milieu to research how to address and solve problems that rise above conventional precincts in engineering as modern engineering tribulations are comprised of rudiments from all the conventional engineering disciplines and these rudiments must be incorporated into an operation intact to congregate the overall objectives to provide facilities for experiential learning through system design, simulation and actual experimentation on physical systems to enhance the understanding of basic concepts in science, engineering and technology.

WAIMS centre of excellence for IT has a mission to bring cutting edge conveniences for data acquisition, digital signal processing, real time controls systems and graphical simulation for research in multidisciplinary system design coupled with podium for industry-academia alliance on multidisciplinary research in system design. Centre is also in conversation with different industrial partner to have MOU and vigorous collaboration for communal advantage and augmentation of eminence of education and engineering research.