This Centre is established to retort the mounting requirement for bringing technological attentiveness to business and industry and also for constructing expertise in managing and utilizing information and knowledge for attaining business excellence. The major sphere of proficiency of the Centre is in enterprise systems, business process management, e-government and business process and IT outsourcing. COE helps agencies capture, design, and efficiently put into practice organizational knowledge systems to make certain effective performance and reliable implementation of organization processes and programs. Our solution includes the content, collaboration, and technology tools to prop up effectual knowledge utilization as well as structuring efficient communities of practice across the organization, which increases the knowledge base and enhance steadiness of performance. COE teams contributes in:

  • Bringing technological attentiveness to Indian business and industry.
  • Structuring expertise in administration and utilizing information and knowledge in order to achieve business excellence.
  • Contributing in the foremost proficiency sphere of influence like enterprise systems, business process management-e-government and business process and IT outsourcing.
  • Contributing towards implementation and usage of ERP systems.