The Centre of Excellence for Renewable Energy is established with an intention to fortify , demonstration and development efforts in all renewable energy technologies. WAIMS COE is devoted to speed up the deployment and gridiron amalgamation of renewable energy and low carbon generation technology through the utilization of Wind, Tidal Wave, Biomass, Hydro Power, Solar PV and Solar Thermal energy.

As we stride into this new epoch, there are intense technological demand for ecology, energy saving, assets, and preservation of environment. Enlargement of technologies for substitute energy for the lessening of energy consumption is an embryonic issue. WAIMS COE grouped into several teams which have been directing all our contribution toward helping in development of clean energy systems. We are inviting any organization to collaborate with us. We anticipate WAIMS COE becomes a mechanism for our potential way on green energy development .Our mission is to establish a conductive and multi-disciplinary research environment within researchers and scientists by focusing on research and development (R&D), commercialization of marketable renewable energy technologies, and stipulation of solutions to society and tactical environmental issues.