Our sample and survey is aims to assist the individual and organization in knowing what customers are looking for. In the present days of competitive marketplace it is critical to know exactly what your customers think. WAIMS survey and sampling can be refers as is online provider of customer satisfaction surveying solutions. We provides and end-to-end survey system for tracking customer satisfaction. Unite better with customers, by knowing how they actually feel about your company. No matter the nature of your company, surveys will provide with the information needed for continue development. Our expert team constantly devoting in the following wings.

  • Survey Questionnaire Design

  • Best possible survey design is a role of understanding sound research methodologies, as well as engaging design techniques that make taking surveys an pleasant practice. The more occupied the contestant is in your market research, the superior the quality of data that results. WAIMS is constantly developing and improving survey design techniques that help make surveys more engaging, easy to get and pleasurable. Successful online survey design refers to creation of relation with the survey participant through appealing, clearly-worded questions and instructions. We intend to make each respondent experience like they are a valuable part of the practice, where they participate not just for the rewards but also for the experience.

  • Survey Programming & Hosting

  • If survey isn't optimized for respondent participation, one can be missing out on excellence in data. We provides leading programming and hosting service in the market research industry, Our programming and hosting teams operate committed support, ensuring fast, precise and steadfast responses to business questions. our programming development team is experienced in all the most recent survey design techniques – across all modes including mobile – to better engage respondents in your research and field your research quickly.we understand not only the objectives of research, but the culture and context in which the research is originating this is why we nets better eminence data from our team respondents and makes international market research studies that much easier to complete .we run broad survey testing and data scrutiny as ingredient of quality control processes and also monitor issues like mobile-friendly design and compatibility across multiple technology platforms and displays to ensure respondent engagement and satisfaction with survey research.

  • Data Reporting

  • Keep on peak of survey research project data with WAIMS data view reporting services, our team access with the organization most inclusive, easy-to-use data reporting, charting and visualization tool. We assist in Viewing executive top line conclusion also Exporting data, tables and charts for reporting .our team works on Presenting data through a range of visualization options and also compare and contrast data from multiple countries. The ultimate objective of our is to make it easy for individual to view your data easily.

  • Market Research Data Processing

  • We are does more than just assemble data. We help you administer it too – from data processing and analytics, to reporting and data visualization. Our team is committed to get clean, accurate data presented in the way that best suits the needs of individual including PowerPoint and Excel files or executive dashboards.
    Our services consist of:-

  • Data cleansing
  • Delivery of raw data
  • Marginal checks/quality assurance
  • Verbatim coding
  • Advanced Analytics for Market Research
  • In today’s fast-paced business environment, individual do not have time to cope with numerous market research partners for sourcing panels, consulting on methodology, collecting and processing data, and performing statistical data analysis., we have the expertise to help deliver more sophisticated visualization of market research data.WAIMS superior Analytics team gives the access to resources competent of guiding through the entire research lifecycle, from developing a methodology to delivering the results that delight your clients. This allows any individual to gain efficiencies in the research, and also presents the opportunity to engage with the clients on a advanced level, providing insights and strategic recommendations for their businesses. Our team provides excellent support in Consulting on Methodology & Research Questionnaire Design and Data Collection & Processing also includes Statistical Data Analysis across Several Techniques