Experimental Investigation of a double condensing solar still using Fuzzy Logic

The performance of solar still is dependent on a number of transient variables. Artificial intelligence has the capability of simulating complex systems. The rule based approach of fuzzy models makes it handy for analysis. This paper presents the fuzzy logic modeling of a double condensing solar still. Using available fuzzy rules a fuzzy logic model is formed by connecting the changes in solar radiation intensity and chamber temperature to the yield of distilled water. Simulation results are in good agreement with those obtained using experiments for different values of solar radiation and chamber temperature.

solving Travellings salsman problem using genetic algorithm based on heuristic crossover and Mutation Operator

This paper deals with the concept of Cloud Based, Centralized Diabetes Treatment and Research Strategy and is written in particular ,but not limited to, taking into consideration a nationwide diabetes policy, and can be adopted by any subsidiary, or even can be extended for an intra regional scenario. Diabetes is considered as one of the killing chronic disease of the current era. Right treatment at right time is very crucial for managing diabetes and the diabetologists always require complete patient information and treatment history to offer suitable treatment plan. The current scenario is lacking the centralized diabetes management facilities as different hospitals and clinics have their own Hospital Information Systems(HIS) for the treatment and interaction or sharing of critical patient information among these isolated HISs are limited or even null . If information can be shared in an effective manner, it will definitely enhance the Diabetes Treatment patterns and thus the patient outcome. The advantages of cloud computing power can be used to achieve this common goal. Since diabetes management requires a long term treatment plan and commitment from the patients, analysis of treatment outcome is equally important to treatment. Researchers need adequate data to carry out monitoring on various entities and once we have the proposed concept implemented, they can make use of the system very efficiently to do various advanced studies. Self care management for patients via mobile platforms is also integrated with this concept ,which in turn provides more insight into the disease behavior during the patients time away from the healthcare provider.

Cloud Based Diabetes Management and Research Blue Circled Cloud

Genetic Algorithm (GAs) is used to solve optimization problems. It is depended on the selection operator, crossover and mutation rates. In this paper Roulette Wheel Selection (RWS) operator with different crossover and mutation probabilities, is used to solve well known optimization problem Traveling Salesmen Problem (TSP). We have compared the results of RWS with another selection method Stochastic Universal Selection (SUS), which demonstrate that the SUS is better for small number of cities; but as the number of cities increases RWS is much better than SUS. We have also compared the results with a variation between mutation & crossover probability, which concludes that mutation, is more effective for decimal chromosome. We have proposed a new crossover operator which is variation of Order Crossover (OX) and found results are better than existing crossover operator.

Student Safe Commute System holding

Nowadays, the number of crime over children is increasing day by day. Security of students is vital to parents as well as school administrations. The implementation of Student Safe Commute System via Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) to avoid crimes against school kids, illegal activities by students and reduce worries among parents is done to alleviate this problem. The project is the combination of latest technology using RFID, GPS/GPRS module, web based and android application based tracker. By using RFID technology it is easy track students and thus enhances the security and safety in selected zone. The information about students such as in time and out time from bus and campus will be recorded to web based system and the GPS/GSM system automatically sends information (SMS / Phone Call) to their parents. The information may also be accessed through internet or a smart phone application. Thus information regarding safety of the student upon arrival to bus or campus may be recorded and sent to parents, as well as authorities, so that in case of any emergency swift action may be taken.