WJMB is the premiere international journal for media organization which is intended to encourage dynamic insights, brilliance in media production, and career progression for educators, students, and professionals. The journals publication and, web-based programs, provide opportunities for production competition and presentation of exiting scholarly research related to aspects of the electronic media.

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WJMB encourages research, education, and civic programming about media. Our objective is to promote knowledgeable discussion, critical skills, chronological understanding, and novel forms of literacy for a global and interrelated world. Engaging media experts, students, and scholars, WJMB s dedicated to augmentation of the ways to understand media. WJMB endorse research in five major and overlapping domain that is mirror the scope and depth of media studies as a field: Global Media, Media and Democracy, Information Media, Media Industries, Media and the background. WJMB offers intellectual as well as a physical space in which the university and the public can interrelate through educational activities, research projects, and public programming.


WJMB is double-blind peer-reviewed journal that brings together, and shares, the effort of academics, policymakers and practitioners, contribution lessons from one another’s experience. The journal is ingrained in a conviction in the socio-cultural, political and economic importance of television and will envisage it as a platform for international and interdisciplinary approaches that unlock new avenues for tentatively driven, historically inclined works that occasionally draw on learning adapting case studies and comparative analysis. These areas comprise media audiences, economics, law and policy, regulation, news, management, aesthetics, social effects, history, and criticism, among others.BEA is concerned with electronic media curricula, placing an emphasis on interactions among the purposes, developments, and practices of the industry and imparting this information to future professionals. WJMB serves as a medium for exhibition, analysis and debate of issues of social importance to develop members’ attentiveness and compassion to these issues and to their ramifications, which will ultimately help students develop as more thoughtful practitioners.


WJMB includes judicious articles about recent innovative developments, trends, and research in electronic media written by academicians, researchers, and other electronic media professionals. Content of the journal is supposed to be broad and varied, ranging from a mixture of critical work on technological, industry and regulatory junction, to the emerging wider socio-cultural and political questions such as audience behavior, television influence. The Journal invites submissions of original research that observe a broad choice of issues relating to the electronic media, including the historical, technological, economic, legal, policy, cultural, social, and psychological dimensions. Scholarship that extends a historiography, tests theory, or that fosters innovative perspectives on topics of importance to the field, is particularly encouraged. The Journal is open to a multiplicity of theoretic paradigms and methodologies. All research articles in this journal will have to go through rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymous refereeing by two or more anonymous referees.