First Official ‘Entertainment Partnership’ in the UAE between The Royal Family Private Office of H.H Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi and ‘Quinn Studios Entertainment’

9 December 2021, Dubai, UAE: H.E Tomasz Zaleski, Chairman and H.E Zalwa Abdul Aziz Zein, CEO the  Royal Family office ofH.H Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi and Valentina Castellani-Quinn, Chairman & CEO of Quinn Studios Entertainment, Los Angeles, California has announced their first official ‘Entertainment Partnership’ ever made in the between Hollywood and UAE. This partnership is set to create history in the making.

This partnership aims to bring Hollywood and the UAE closer to people.  It will enhance the quality of the UAE film industry with the advanced technique and technical know-how of Hollywood. It also aims to expand the media industry of the UAE and allow Hollywood to utilize the extensive talent and resources available in the UAE. The Royal office and  Quinn Studios will develop and produce feature films, documentaries, television series, international events, international festivals, and other entertainment initiatives which will enhance the expectations of the entertainment industry worldwide.

This partnership will commence with the production of the feature film ‘POLO, inspired by a true story. This inspirational and heart-warming movie tells the story of underprivileged children from different countries and of different culture, putting aside their differences and coming together to play a kings game ‘Polo’ with the help of a dedicated teacher and through encouragement and perseverance they conquer the world of Polo and rise to the top of the game against all odds.   

And this project has also a humanitarian side wherein 5% of the movie’s proceeds will go to charitable activities across the world.

This partnership is also set to launch further Hollywood movies in the coming years which will be excelling in its making, storyline and star cast.

As quoted by HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rasheed Al Maktoum – “ Nothing is impossible where there is persistence. Nothing is impossible where there is belief. Nothing is impossible where there is life “

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