Entrepreneurship is Constant Journey for the betterment of entire humanity without depletion of Natural resources. Prime Minister of India has laid the targets for Indian Economy to become US $5 Trillion for India to become as Economic Powerhouse by 2024. We collectively need to endeavor to attain these targets by promoting Entrepreneurship across sectors.

To cultivate and develop culture of entrepreneurship among youngest nation of globe, we are Inviting CHAPTERS from Academia and Corporate entitled “ENTREPRENEURSHIP IDEA FACTORY : OPPERTUNITIES & CHALLENGES”
to reach $5 Trillion Indian Economy under the dynamic Leadership of Prof. (Dr.) Ripu Ranjan Sinha and Prof. (Dr.) Kuldip S. Charak and their Editorial Team Members.

The basic moto of this call for chapters is to provide directive / work/ activities of Indian Economy as Reference Materials for Indian Youth and Economist to achieve the target of USD 5 trillion economy by 2024.
We are very happy to Invite you all to be the part of our Journey and Contribute chapters within the scope of this book as mentioned below (But not limited to chapters listed below).

In order to bring out the volume on time, we request you to submit YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS as per the schedule. Inquiries and submissions can be forwarded electronically to asiafricaonline@gmail.com or infowaims@waims.co.in or online submission of through our website http://waims.co.in/eif2020
Chapter I: Indian Workforce -Formal & Informal Sectors
Chapter II: Indian Economy (in achieving 5 Trillion economy target)
Chapter III: Urban Entrepreneurship
Chapter IV: Government Schemes for Entrepreneurship
Chapter V: Role of Incubators in Promoting Entrepreneurship
Chapter VI: India@75 Framework 
Chapter VII: Rural Entrepreneurship
Chapter VIII : Impact of SMEs in Entrepreneurship
Chapter IX: Entrepreneurship Synergies in India

IMPORTANT : The book intends to cover – facilities available for *entrepreneurs, opportunities, growth in Indian economy, challenges faced by Indian youth, available infrastructure for entrepreneurs in Indian ecosystem. Challenges and opportunities of Indian entrepreneurs after global pandemic situation in Global market availability.

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